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Best Dressed DJs And Their Fashion Gear



Best Dressed DJs and their Fashion GearRecently, several DJs have received notable attention, not just for the music they play, but also for their excellent fashion choices. The following is a list of men and women in the industry, many who combine music with other careers. All of them have a sound we love listening to, so let’s look at five of the favorites…


Few DJs are as at home with the turntable as Afrojack. Born, Nick van de Wall, in Spijkenisse, Netherlands (September 1987) Afrojack is best known for his music production and DJing. Casually dressed in a Marlon Brando style V Neck Tee, like those seen at Johnny Bigg, he has been featured as one of the top ten DJs in the world. Afrojack began playing the piano at age five. Since he was 14, he has been working as a DJ. Afrojack studied graphic design, which helps explain his excellent fashion sense, and has been designing music websites, producing his own music and DJing ever since.

Harley Viera-Newton

London born, Harley Viera-Newton, also knows about fashion. As a DJ/model, Newton has been active on the scene since 2007. Renowned for brand endorsements and modelling appearances in Elle and Vogue, Harley Viera-Newton plays regularly in several popular clubs. With a father who is a record producer and the Columbia Records Groups president, it’s clear where she acquired her music sense. Her Brazilian-born mother is jewellery store partner. There’s really no need to say more!

Richie Hawtin

Another top DJ, out of the UK is electronic musician; Richard (Richie) Hawtin. He was born in June 1970, in Banbury. Lighting up the music scene in Canada, and part of the ‘minimal techno’ world since the 1990s, his personal style is as innovative as his music. With record labels like Warp, Minus, Nova Mute, and Plus 8, as well as various awards, Richie will continue to be one of the top DJs to watch.

Leigh Lezark

A model, DJ and member of the Misshapes, Leigh Lezark is essential to the NYC music culture. Her raven black hair and fair skin add to her allure. She works the metropolitan beat as well as after-parties, during the designer fashion weeks. What makes her stand out amongst the best-dressed DJs, is her sidekick, Edie (dachshund), designer totes and her phenomenal shoe collection!

Chelsea Leyland

Born in London, Chelsea Leyland studied at the Bedales Boarding School. Following a move to New York City, she studied acting then moved over into the fields of fashion and DJing. She has worked as a DJ at several notable events. These have contributed to her nickname of ‘fashion’s DJ.’ Appearing on MTV, the Dove brand DJ campaign, and noted for her exciting and eclectic style, Chelsea is a knockout in her fashion gear.

The best-dressed DJs have it all, spinning music and wearing some of the coolest styles around. They run the gamut from hip-hop, reggae, minimal techno, house, metal and rock to many of their own original hits; we love their sound and style.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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