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Behind The Scenes Of Bromo & Yantosh’s “Collide” — Interview



Bromo & Yantosh Collide
Bromo & Yantosh
return with a unique Future Rave anthem featuring powerful beats and classic leads accompanied by low-pitched vocals which complement the track in an effective way. Get more details in this interview.

1 — Hello guys! How are things going at the moment?

Hey, things are going very well for us at the moment. We have planned more releases and we are trying to bring new music to our fans.

2 — Tell us more about the story behind “Collide,” how did you start working on it?

The project started in November 2021, when we wanted to bring a new Future Rave tune back again. Firstly we choose a vocal to make a break interesting. We used vocal only in breaks and also before a drop.

3 — Were there any influences getting in the mix when producing this track?

We cooperated in the mixing of parts of a track to perfect the shape and clean sound of samples and presets used.

4 — Are there any new explorations with this track?

We tried to explore new listeners through the excellent label Future Rave Music and through different platforms.

5 — What were you looking for when working on this track?

Explore to even more fans of EDM music and expansion to DJs and radio shows, also we love to play tracks live at clubs.

6 — How long did it take for you to finish “Collide”?

It was almost 2 months to finish this track from the beginning to the mastering.

7 — How did the idea of collaborating come about?

We collaborated many times and we are in the same way of producing music.

8 — What is it like working together?

We love to cooperate and collaborate together because we have the same approach to producing and have almost the same styles.

9 — What is it like working with Future Rave Music?

Very good work from the label on the release of “Collide,” also, nice promo from playlists and DJs.

10 — Are there any new projects coming your way?

For sure, we have planned new releases also coming later this year.

11 — Where would you like to play this year?

Mainly in Slovakia, but our dream is to play on bigger stages.

12 — Where is the best setting to listen to “Collide”?

For sure, it’s intended for clubs, but also fits perfectly on the radio or listening in a car every single day.




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