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Billboard’s Top Latin Artist Celebrates 30 Years In The Music Industry



Billboard Top Latin Artist
After having ruled Billboard’s Hot Latin Tracks during the 90s, Eddie Gonzalez aka Phantom Boy celebrates 30 years in the industry. A remarkable career that keeps going with many fond memories of what it meant to be Los Fantasmas Del Caribe.

Next May, he will release a special record featuring over 25 tunes in order to commemorate his longstanding path. In addition, the Caribe Soy tour across North and South America is a perfect complement for this announcement.

With perseverance and great sacrifice, Phantom Boy has taken major steps towards the evolution of his signature Cumbia Pop sound. Good proof of it is his latest ‘Remixes’ album, available to stream on Spotify and other digital platforms.

Hit the play button down here.

Surpassing already-high expectations, the acclaimed Venezuelan-American artist hasn’t stopped working. Nowadays, Phantom Boy divides his time between producing, directing, acting, and operating his own business.

Moreover, what began in 1992 as a member of the boyband Los Fantasmas Del Caribe continues giving amazing results. In fact, he has sold almost 20 million copies globally thus far.

It’s fine to remember the past once in a while. Nurturing your nostalgia by listening to his Spanish dance classics feels very rewarding.

Best of all, new music videos are coming your way soon. Stay alert on his socials.



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