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BlackLight Shares Feel-Good Dance Songs To Boost Your Mood



feel good dance songs
Wanna hear feel-good dance songs? Well, BlackLight‘s versatile fusion of House, Drum & Bass, Garage, Techno, and everything in between renders him a truly visionary DJ preaching PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect) and positive vibes.

Hailing from Omaha, Nebraska, the experienced artist wants to boost your mood with his latest top-notch singles “Bring Me That Feeling” and “You Got Me Going. Each one tells a different story through its own palette of sound.

Year after year, all spectrums of electronic music are represented via his collection of bangers while amassing thousands of streams and attracting new listeners to his original soundscapes.  In the case of “Bring Me That Feeling,” he takes you on a sonic journey to a heavenly dimension.

Undoubtedly, this mind-blowing work makes huge emphasis on fast breakbeats contrasting laidback melodies and paradisiacal audio effects. With absolute precision, BlackLight achieves a frantic rhythm but also a sublime bassline you can easily get lost in.

Besides, it’s rewarding to sense sharp frequencies vibrating into your chest as “Bring Me That Feeling” seems to be an uplifting form of therapy.

On the other hand, “You Got Me Going” emanates distinctive elements which guarantee a celebration on the dance floor. Somehow, this tune connects you with your old-school favorite jams, so it doesn’t fail to make you groove.

Gearing towards a deliciously sexy production, BlackLight blends chopped soulful vocals, kick drums, syncopated hi-hats, and sax solos to perfection. It transcends nostalgic echoes of an underground scene that never died by delivering so much dynamism immersed in melodic textures.

In conclusion, Plurred Vision Records is still home to feel-good dance songs used as a driving force to cheer up everyone.

Above all, the label’s optimistic philosophy is what marks the difference.



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