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bronzegates’ Rock Style Has Never Sounded Better, “Hanging Gardens”



Merging pleasant vocals, Classic Rock, and Folk, bronzegates deliver the goods with “Hanging Gardens.” If the shimmering acoustics and the crashing drums represent life, here the violin is its soul.

Under the motto, Music For The Restless Ones, the four-piece band doesn’t fail to bring shivers down your spine. “Hanging Gardens” forms part of a 7-track album to be released next year.

What’s more, the bronzegates’ unmistakable style has never sounded better, and, of course, they promise great things for the upcoming material.


Another song you can hear on YouTube is “Green Carriage, which is more inclined to their Metal influences.

Compromising lead singer Mike Bassington, drummer Oscar Brash, guitarist Ruben Figueiredo, and bassist Marcos Figueiredo, these talented guys from Leeds write music you want to listen to it over and over again.

Without exaggeration, I can say “Hanging Gardens” sounds like those timeless radio-friendly hits you used to appreciate in the past.

Seriously, you can enjoy the chill vibes while the majestic lyrics tell you about a promised land in a time of peace. More than an end to war, I think these precious verses make a call to keep serenity at all costs.



By Erick Ycaza

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