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Buuk’s Adrenaline-Fuelled EP Is Making People Move Their Feet



Echtraí is a new Techno label from electronic music collective B-Haus that is fostering an admirable presence with its first release. I’m referring in particular to Buuk‘s EP, ‘Vector’ which is already bringing all people to their feet to dance.

Besides, this adrenaline-fuelled material includes three heavy-hitting bangers, “Vector,” “Contemplate,” and “2000,” all of them unleashing driving energy.

Likewise,  you can distinguish pounding rhythms designed to destroy any club’s sound system.

Just be ready to get transported into deep dark grooves and trippy tones from another realm.

Broadly speaking, its use of punchy sounds and repetition normally runs at 137 BPM. Plus, everything has been processed in a minimalistic style without the use of prominent vocal samples.

Certainly, Buuk shares his devotion to the four-to-the-floor beat on “Vector,” while delivering some peak-time Techno bomb to the masses. Also, it should be mentioned that “Contemplate” will leave you in a trance-like state, immersing yourself in a hypnotizing experience.

Perhaps, the biggest highlight is the third track which encompasses an old-school ravey approach inspired by the early 2000s.

But don’t worry too much about the differences between tracks because in an integral fashion it feels like an ecstatic journey.

What are you waiting for?… Hit the play button and enjoy.



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