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DI Interview 2015



DI Interview 2015
DI is a London-based producer and we have no idea who she is. However, I feel so lucky because my friend James Barker from Mystic Sons, gave me the opportunity to interview her. Beyond the mystery of the anonymity, there’s a great tune she recently produced and sang, called “All I Know“. In my opinion, this is an incredible EDM/Deep House tune with an addictive piano melody. Wanna know more about DI?… Read everything below!

1 – Why have you become a kind-of-anonymous artist?

I don’t believe I’ve become a kind-of-anonymous artist as that sounds like it’s a set in stone commitment. This is really just the beginning for me and instead of focusing on image and editorialising I’ve decided to solely put out some music and take it from there. That seems like the most natural course to take. Wherever the music goes, I’ll follow and if that means eventually people want a face to go alongside the music I’ll give them a face too. The beauty of music is that if the artist freezes, bloats, or is even assassinated, the music will never remain static; it’s always moving like quicksilver.

2 – How would you like people to perceive you?

People’s perceptions are scary like dark water. They should be uncharted territory. Obviously, you want people to like and be excited by your music. But that’s too quixotic.

3 – What type of audience are you trying to target with your music?

I don’t have a type. The more the merrier 🙂

4 – How did you get into the electronic dance music scene?

It wasn’t a contrived plan I just kind of fell into to like Alice in Wonderland!

5 – How would you describe your style of music?

Lyric-centric, hyper-melodic, mystical, electronic, nuanced, hard-to-box.

6 – What’s a day like in the life of DI?

A day in the life of DI consists of throwing ideas at a track, recording snippets of melodies/lyrics on my iPhone and never ever titling them so I always spend a lifetime trying to find the hooks that are the forces to be reckoned with (i.e. passed the old grey whistle test), experimenting with sounds aka lots of trial and error, drinking lots of green juice because I’m on what feels like the longest health-kick ever and counterbalancing that with lots of coffee, catching up on a bit of reading (current book = Lost Illusions by Balzac) and walking as that’s pretty much my only mode of transportation.

7 – Do you feel like a multi-talented artist? Why?

I don’t feel like a multi-talented artist. I just love doing what I do and what I do makes me happy.

8 – You have recently released your debut single “All I Know”. Tell us more about it. Will you drop a music video as well?

I would describe “All I Know” as melancholic EDM overdosing on magic. I’ve always loved the juxtaposition between rueful lyrics and a dance track. But having said that there is a sprinkling of hope in “All I Know” because one always needs to be hopeful no matter what. There will also be an ‘interesting’ video/antithesis video dropped soon…

9 – Do you plan to perform live? How? …With a mask?

Yes, don’t know when or where. All will be revealed soon. As for wearing a mask? Maybe, but as long as it doesn’t block my voice.

10 – What are your plans for the rest of 2015?

On a practical-level, to keep writing, experimenting and honing my skills. On a-one-can-only-hope/dream- of- world-domination level, to cocoon and incubate the songs in the studio so one day I can release a body of work that floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee.


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