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Discover The Pop/EDM Crossover Style Of N2BLÜ



Discover The Pop/EDM Crossover Style Of N2BLÜ
Clearly, N2BLÜ provides singalong moments with their Pop/EDM crossover style. As a duo, they have a very interesting musical background. On the one hand, Jonathan Arceneaux is a vocally trained singer who loves writing contemporary songs. In the past, he explored the worlds of classical and musical theatre. While on the other, Konstantin Smorodnikov has always been interested in electronic music production and sound engineering. He’s originally from Russia, but he moved to America at the age of 18, where he began a specialization in this artistic field.

Together they joined forces and blend their abilities to create unique and catchy tracks. One good example is the new single, “Match My Crazy”. In my opinion, this tune talks about finding a good connection or the right person that meets your personality. Beyond this, Jonathan is sharing his personal experience through the lyrics in order to empathize with listeners who also struggle with love and relationships due to anxiety and depression. Nowadays, I love how music is a good vehicle to help end the stigma against mental health. Another highlight is the lyric video below, which encourages you to intone this song. Without further ado, start practicing for karaoke nights right away!



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