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Dying To Hear New Electro-Pop Artists? Be Aware Of When We Believed



From time to time it’s hard to find Electro-Pop artists who know what quality is. Yet today you can be aware of an up-and-coming duo destined for greatness, I’m referring to When We Believed.

There are so many good things about their latest EP ‘What You Could Have Won. Starting with happy synths, falsettos, catchy lyrics up to an extra dose of energy; ironically, this material is still an underrated gem.

Also, the recent single “Long Term Parking” encapsulates all those elements.

In the same way, they showcase their true spirit as musicians by lending a positive message of never giving up on a dream.

Electro-Pop artists

Still, with a limited budget, these Electro-Pop artists based in the UK unleash satisfactory visuals for “Long Term Parking,” while connecting the real and animated worlds together.

Besides, Phil Hulse and Darren Palmer go retro with this original project, which they baptized as When We Believed. Of course, one can’t forget either they have a cutting edge vision upon combining the best of old and new.

At the end of the day, that’s exactly what The Weeknd, Pet Shop Boys, Martin Brothers, and similar acts are doing. No complaints, the formula is perfect.



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