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Echolily Talks New Music, Fundraising Campaign, And More




Doctor, anesthetist, and bedroom musician, Echolily is a multifaceted woman eager to share her art with the world. In this exclusive interview, you will find out what makes her songs so authentic. Moreover, she announces an upcoming single in June and her charitable work for the benefit of COVID patients in India. Get all the details below.

1 – First of all, how would you describe your sound to someone who has just discovered the music of Echolily?

I have always aimed to make sounds that would break the walls of my comfort zones. Often, they would cross genres. Synthpop, Trip-Hop, Electro-Pop, and a little Lofi.

Critics have described my sounds as pivoting between the haunting, ethereal sounds of the likes of Massive Attack, Portishead, Bjork, and the strong melody/incredible songwriting of Sia.

2 – Are you vocally trained or your talent comes naturally to you?

I did have music lessons as a child and voice training. But production is a lot of hard work and ear training.

3 – How easy or hard was it to get started with your artistic career?

Hard at the start! Since I knew very minimal about producing beats and sound design… I also spent most of my teenage-adult life studying medicine and to be a good doctor (I love my job!) so music has to take a back seat.

4 – How supportive was your family when you started making music?

Mum has always been supportive in everything I do.

5 – Surprisingly, your debut single “Under The Clocks (Stay)” amassed over 90K streams in a short period of time. Is there a secret formula that guarantees success?

I am so proud of “Under The Clocks (Stay)” because people connected with it. The numbers are encouraging but nothing beats people coming up to you and said your song reminds them of falling in love… for example.

6 – Why do you love so much your latest release “Michelle’s Imagination (Blue)”?

 “Michelle’s Imagination (Blue)” is a darker Synthpop that I was exploring in at the time.

7 – What was the source of inspiration behind this new song?

Funny story, I was having the worst writer’s block when I wrote “Blue,” and while staring into my blue microphone, suddenly, the chord progressions and arpeggios came together! So proud of “Blue.”

8 – How many instruments or tools were involved in its production process?

Lots of synths. Hardware and software. Special thanks to friends Mikki and Bev for helping out!

9 – What do you enjoy the most, singing, writing lyrics, or producing music? Why?

All of them! But probably producing at the moment.

10 – I know you’re running a fundraising campaign in order to provide relief to affected families in India during the COVID-19 situation. Please tell us more about this important initiative.

Thank you for asking! So excited to announce the release of my upcoming single “Higher”- a head rush of 90s nostalgia, iconic synths, grumpy bass, and mega choirs. Everything you need for that good feeling. I have decided to choose Care Australia India Covid Crisis Appeal as my charity of choice. A portion of money from “Under the Clocks” and “Blue” will be donated PLUS for every 100 pre-saves, a dollar will be added to that fund. Thank you for your support!



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