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VFX Production: Top Companies In Hollywood



Top Companies In Hollywood
The future is here, and visual effects are its integral part. Surely, Hollywood’s mind-blowing blockbusters are the first to jump to mind, but VFX production has long moved beyond big screens. Nowadays, TV series like Game of Thrones are competing in visuals with motion films from the Marvel Universe, and music videos are stuffed with animation, CGI, bullet-time effects, and whatnot. With the rise of YouTube and TikTok, amateur bloggers have been mastering pro-level video editors and engaging video retouch services to attract a wider audience in the highly competitive world of social media. And what about commercials? Walmart’s Famous Visitors, which won the 2020 Visual Effects Society award, embraced some of the best Hollywood VFX moments to promote its pickup services.

So, visual effects are everywhere today, from 3D presentations to website designs, making VFX services highly demanded. Let’s explore their top providers while focusing on the names not as big as ILM.

Music Visualizer

  • Rhythm & Hues Studios

Yes, it is the VFX company that won countless awards for Game of Throne, not to mention their Hellboy, The Walking Dead, Lost in Space, Life of Pi, and dozens of other amazing projects they have been creating since the 90s. The studio is also praised for its proprietary software, which earned the company four scientific and engineering Academy Awards.

  • Digital Domain

Founded by legendary James Cameron in 1993, the studio was awarded for its VFX for Titanic, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and Avengers: Infinity War. They have also gathered a whole bunch of accolades for commercials (Nike, Bacardi, BMW, etc.), games (Gears of War), music videos (The Rolling Stones’ “Love Is Strong”), and more.


Although being a young VFX company, established only in 2018, FRENDER has already won two MTV awards for Best Visual Effects, a Silver Lion of Cannes, Video of the Year by BET, and many other accolades. Lead by skilled and talented VFX supervisor Max Colt and linked to the London-based Digital Beauty Work video retouch studio, the company provides its services all around the globe.

  • Encore VFX

Headquartered in Hollywood and having additional facilities in Vancouver and Atlanta, this post-production company stands out for its superhero-themed TV shows — The Flash, Supergirl, Doom Patrol, and Batwoman. Boss Level, a sci-fi action movie released just this spring by Hulu, has gained the company even greater recognition in the industry.

By Erick Ycaza

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