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Electric Daisy Carnival: Every EDM Fan’s Pilgrimage



Electric Daisy Carnival: Every EDM Fan’s Pilgrimage

For many, EDM and Vegas go hand-in-hand, and with its culture of nightclubs and raves, it’s easy to understand why Sin City has become the place to party for EDM fans everywhere. Of course, this hasn’t always been the case, and for many years, casinos had tried to appeal to the mature gambler, with many of them designed to be elegant and subdued.

But these tactics were failing, and participation in casinos gradually lessened over the years. Acclaimed designer Roger Thomas sought to rejuvenate interest in Vegas casinos by completely transforming their style, appealing now to female gamblers who wanted nothing more than to relax, instead of the old perceived demographic of casinos. It worked, and Thomas’s new designs paved the way for Steve Wynn’s empire to become what it is today.

Following the internet gambling revolution, however, casinos began to shift gears. Fewer and fewer people seemed to be going to casinos, opting instead to gamble from the comforts of their homes. In Atlantic City, casinos such as Trump Plaza, Harrah’s and the Golden Nugget teamed up with UK-based online casino Betfair to maximize profits. In Las Vegas, however, casinos built on Roger Thomas’s success and momentum, opting instead to transform themselves once more, becoming less about the gambling, and more about the overall experience.

Vegas now boasts of attractions such as the Stratosphere Tower, where gamblers can not just play their favorite casino games, but also enjoy thrilling rides. Steve Wynn has transformed his own casinos into veritable hotspots for partying, with Zedd breaking records at the XS Nightclub at the Encore, one of Wynn’s most esteemed casinos.

And now, it’s all coming to a head. In less than a month, the Electric Daisy Carnival will take place in Vegas, drawing in EDM fans from all over the globe to experience the largest event of its kind. But there’s more to see than just the three-day EDC itself, as the festival is also surrounded by many events that make up “EDC Week”, where casinos and nightclubs all over the Vegas strip bring out the big guns and treat fans to pool parties and the fourth annual EDMbiz conference for EDM professionals.

Excited to see what EDC Week has to offer? Electronic Vegas has a comprehensive list of all the events happening throughout EDC Week!

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