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Slim Dzl Interview 2015



Slim Dzl Interview 2015
I was honored to have had the chance to interview Slim Dzl, known as The King of Clean in the world of Hip Hop music. Actually this is the first time I interview a Hip Hop artist, and I learned a lot of interesting things about this genre that my perspective about it changed positively. In general, we talked about his original style that may influence other artists and more…

1 – What do you hope to accomplish with this album? Is it technically an album (just a free album) correct, Is it all original music?

Yes, Slim-N-Jim The Mixtape it’s all original music from a great producer Jimmy Lennar and co-written by me as well as the whole team Y.H.A

I hope to clean up the world of Hip Hop. I hope for my clean positive rap to be played in heavy rotation in mainstream urban/suburban America as well as overseas. I want to be a role model so these teens as well as all ages can hear something positive and fun bringing joy to their day. My motto for people is you hear better, you see better you do better. It’s free because we want to get it to millions of people out there. It’s a gift from me to everybody.

2 – Was is it easy for you, to say “you know what I am going to do something different” for Hip Hop music?

Yes It was! It was easy to say because my whole life I’ve always been different like an outcast.. I always liked what other people didn’t like.. I always saw things different and I really liked being positive and encouraging… Now was it easy to do something different? No. At times it was hard because people said be like everybody else and you’ll sell. Or be a preacher because your Christian, but clean Hip Hop won’t work… but I know who I am and my purpose will change lives and encourage positivity and clean living through music.

3 – Have you accepted the fact that you will be known as a pioneer for clean Hip Hop music?

That’s a tough question, I do think I have brought it back to the forefront in a dirty violent Hip Hop world. I definetly feel like MC Hammer, Will Smith and Heavy D were pioneers. I’m called the King of Clean and I accept that title humbly but keeping fresh in my mind who came before me.

4 – How do you hope this will affect the world of music?

Dramatically, I hope also I feel this will open the eyes and ears of upcoming artists who are trying to sound like gangstas when they’re not.. This will make music especially more appealing and all ages will be able to embrace Slim DZL and Y.H.A Records clean music everywhere with out shame.. I feel Major Labels will start looking for cleaner lyrics and artist with better images to rep their labels.. Music will definetly never be the same once Y.H.A sells a million records!

5 – How do you hope this will affect the world of Hip-Hop?

Let’s be honest Hip Hop needs a make over. It needs some positive energy basically a better reputation. It started off as teaching and a way to express your feeling and life in a fun way to reach people. Over the years it has gotten filthy, over sexual, misogynistic jus bad. Most up and coming rappers are portraying lifestyles they don’t or never even lived just to get a hit or a deal. What we listen to has become pollution. The negativity has spread so much that even Christian rap seems negative and angry. I know clean Hip Hop is a breath of fresh air. Not only is it clean, fun and positive it’s really good. Grammy’s winning good. So I feel it will help the music genre a lot!

6 – How do you hope this will affect the world?

It will show the world that everybody in the music industry is not dark, evil or corrupt. I know every single person in the world won’t like it. But Y.H.A will make a huge impact in this world and leave a legacy that will change lives and last for generations. They’ll be talking about us in 2050.

7 – Who is one artist you hope to work with?

One artist I got three. Mc Hammer, Paramore, and Luke Bryant.

8 – What can we expect from Slim Dzl in 2015?

God willing a paid tour, hitting my 100th show, greater exposure to set myself up to be the Artist to Know in 2016.

9 – What do you want your fans to know about you, in one word?


Thank you Slim Dzl for your time, and much success to the house of  Y.H.A Records  🙂

By Erick Ycaza

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.