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Exclusive Interview: Touchy On Disco, Vintage Synths, And Debut Single




Formed by Patsy Gelb and Christian Blunda, Touchy draws from the canon of Giorgio Moroder, Patrick Crawley, Brigitte Bardot, and Space to forge their sparkling, electronic sound. Get to know these emerging talents in this exclusive interview and watch their new music video for “Secret Melody” below.

1 — When exactly did your musical journey as Touchy start?

We’d been spending our time making Electronic and Disco music at home when our Rock N Roll band, Patsy’s Rats, was invited to do a support tour. We asked if we could debut a new project instead, which we did for 5 weeks in Europe at the end of 2019. That was the debut of Touchy.

2 — What makes your music style so unique?

Our music is whatever happens at the intersection of the things we love and the inspiration we find. Namely Disco, vintage synthesizers, French Pop, and our dreams.

3 — When it comes to synthesizers, do you prefer analog or digital? Why?

We love them both, but analog for its simplicity mostly. Our Yamahas CS5 for example is a 70s monosynth with one oscillator, which we can wrap our heads around. Plus it sounds beautiful.

vintage synths Touchy
4 — Is there any Disco or Synthpop singer or band that has marked your life the most?

Giorgio Moroder would probably be the one. His career is all over the place, from Bubblegum to Glam to Disco. But it’s always fun, always brilliant, and ahead of its time.

5 — What kind of role do you believe Touchy play in unprecedented times like these?

Hopefully just being sincere music that’s fun and that you can dance to, alone or together.

6 — I declare myself a big fan of your debut single “Secret Melody.” Please tell us more about the lyrics.

Thank you! “Secret Melody” is what you can almost hear, like something that was whispered in your ear. A message that comes from your own subconscious, or an invitation from a dream. A song for the unknown source and the magic it reveals to us.

7 — Your retro-futuristic music video is really captivating. What did you want to convey?

We filmed it all in my dad’s living room. We wanted to create our own reality there, a complete place for the song to exist. The disembodied hands revealed themselves to us there.

8 — Can we expect more visuals like this in the future?

For sure. We have another video coming out this month and will always be creating more.

9 — Are you working on new music? If so, can you reveal the most important details?

We’re always in the Touchy cave making more music. “Secret Melody” was only the beginning of the project and we’re following that inspiration wherever it takes us.

10 — Finally, how did you go about incorporating the concept of Space-Age fashion with your outfits?

I collaborated with my friend, the talented (and funny) Tiffany Puterbaugh on our suits. I knew I wanted head-to-toe fringe in order to make every movement more interesting to the eye on stage. I think from there we talked about the vibe and intention with Touchy and Tiff went for it on her own. I wouldn’t say they were meant to be strictly space-age but we’re certainly inspired by some very space-age-esque outfits of some vintage Disco and Electronic artists that we love. Dee D. Jackson had some of the best Space-age fits around!



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