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Synthpop Duo Touchy Creates A “Secret Melody” From Outer Space!



This year the historical missions to Mars made us dream again with space. So, let’s enjoy together a trip through the cosmos with Synthpop duo Touchy. The official music video for their debut single “Secret Melody” transports you to a vast sea of stars. Actually, it’s so absorbing that keeps you on the very edge of your seat. Furthermore, the song itself glitters with exquisite synths and arpeggios. Somehow, they put into orbit the amazing sound of the 80s. Above all, the hypnotic drum machine groove is the cherry on the cake.

synthpop duo

If asteroids can cause a heavy impact on Earth, in the same way, “Secret Melody” can hit you right in the nostalgic feels. It’s impossible not to love the vintage aesthetics of their project. All this accompanied by dreamy atmospherics and seductive vocals from another era. Undoubtedly, it’s a Moroder-inspired track recharged with mystery and a touch of glamour. Up to this point, I declare myself a big fan of Touchy’s original vision. I must confess I can’t wait to see what else these creative artists will bring to the table in the next months.



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