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Jacob Colon Shares Insight On His Latin House Gem “Awake” In Interview



Latin House
Jacob Colon
has been on fire recently, especially with his latest Latin House gem “Awake” featuring Venezuelan singer and songwriter Robert Vogu, who has picked up traction in the industry lately after a string of impressive work. Jacob continues his rise to prominence in the industry with a string of previous heavyweight releases like “Desert Storm,” “Don’t Stop” and his work on “Love Ahora.” Jacob Colon lives and breathes all things House music and is emerging as one of the most talented and reliable producers within this format. With a taste developed straight from the streets of New York, his authentic sound includes some rich elements and is a result of his outstanding career. We caught up with Jacob to find out more regarding his latest release “Awake.”

1 — Hey Jacob, great to hear from you. First off, how are you doing?

Things for me have been well. Here in the US, our government is easing off the mask mandates since vaccines are in distribution, so it seems that the light at the end of the tunnel is getting a bit brighter.

2 — Can you talk us through the inspiration and story behind “Awake”?

I met Robert Vogu through a mutual associate who coordinated a remix package with myself and two other artists. The original song has a Latin drum groove so I knew this song was down my lane. At first, my ideas were a bit scattered, as usual, but after I found the right instrument sound to accompany the main flute which is heard on the chorus of the original, the rest of the track began to piece together.

3 — How does this track compare to some of your other releases?

I feel this song is moodier than my other songs. The main element that drives the hook besides the drums is a vocal synthesizer which in my opinion creates a RnB/moody type of vibe.

4 — How has your musical style developed over the past year?

Since I’ve had a lot more time in the studio, I’ve been perfecting my drum loops. I feel I’ve been able to create stronger drum rhythms which we know is the foundation of all house music.

Jacob Colon - Awake
5 — What other projects are you working on at the moment?

I’ve been working on other projects with artists like Rowetta, Vann Morfin, and also exploring genres like reggaeton. You’ll find some more releases coming this summer.

6 —How would you sum up the typical ‘Jacob Colon’ sound you’re so well known for?

I would say my sound is Latin-infused drums with a clubby mysterious vibe.

7 —What are you hoping for this track to achieve?

I hope to engage with new fans with every release.

Latin House release "Awake" by Jacob Colon
8 — Can we hear any of your musical influences in this release?

I think every track I produce contains influences from the music I listen to. I listen to a lot of different genres of music which differentiates me from other producers.

9 — What are your goals for 2021?

Create a respectable name in the music scene that reaches all parts of the globe.

10 — Finally, where can people go to grab their copy?

All audio platforms, Apple Music, Spotify, Beatport, etc.



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