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Exclusive New Interview With Miramar Drive



Exclusive New Interview With Miramar Drive
This is my second interview with Miramar Drive, and I’m just as excited about his music as I was back in 2015. Below you’ll find our fantastic online conversation. The reason why I’m having this new interview with him is because he is getting ready to release a new EP titled ‘Be Alive’. It’s currently available for Pre-Order on iTunes and will be available everywhere on July 22nd. By reading the interview you’ll definitely get an update!

1 – How did you come up with the title of the EP, ‘Be Alive’, and what can your fans expect to hear when they download it?

Well, the name ‘Be Alive’ actually came from the name of the first song off the EP which is also Be Alive. It’s funny, it seems that I always for some reason name my EP’s and/or Album’s after one of the tracks off of the release. I also felt that the title really represented what the EP was all about, and expressed the message that I was trying to deliver. Lyrically, each song speaks about having hopes and dreams… and not letting obstacles get it the way of what you really want to achieve in life. I feel that many people just kinda go through the motions to be as practical as possible, but ignore some sort of passion or talent that they have that could make them truly happy.

2 – On the EP, what are your fave tracks?

My favorite tracks are ‘Devious’ and ‘Everyone’s Alright’. Those songs came much later in the writing/recording process. They both started with a simple idea on guitar and then just blossomed into awesome songs from there. The other cool thing about those songs is that they kind of explore new areas (as far as genre goes) that you haven’t heard from Miramar Drive before. ‘Devious’ has a punk rock sensibility that I’ve explored before, but incorporates sounds that you would hear from some surf pop band that you would hear in Southern California or something.

3 – How is this EP different from your other works?

This EP is very different then my last album “Back to Orlando”. The biggest difference is that distorted guitars are almost non-existent. I wanted to clean up my sound a little bit, and try to appeal to a different audience. I’ve also been getting into bands like Day Wave and Turnover who write great songs using melodic clean guitars and soothing vocals. Incorporating those kinds of elements has changed my music for the better.

4 – What do you prefer, touring or recording?

I love playing shows… but I’m gonna have to go with recording on this one. I just really love the process of seeing a small idea blossom into something that is whole and complete. I also do everything out of my own home studio, so I can really take my time and be very creative without the time restraints of traditional recording studio.

5 – And are you going to be touring soon?

I really hope so. Recording is awesome, but performing those songs live after they are finished to a live audience is really liberating. I got some amazing touring opportunities after the release of my last album. I got to play several festivals and big shows. So hopefully even bigger shows and festival opportunities keep coming my way after the release of this EP.

6 – In a previous interview, Blink-182 has been listed as an influence. Is there any other group that has influenced your style of music?

Oh yeah for sure! I’ve really been getting back into Coldplay this past year and they have played a big role in the sound of my new music. I love their larger-than-life sounding guitars, sweet vocals, and groovy bass lines. You’ll definitely hear some of those elements on ‘Be Alive’.

7 – How important is it for you to write your own songs, considering how much over-produced music is out there?

Extremely important. I feel that a lot of today’s music is very overproduced and starting to sound too similar. Writing and recording on my own has kept me humble, and I think that it will one day help me break through the noise.

8 – What kind of music equipment do you regularly use?

As far a equipment goes… much hasn’t changed since I first started. I keep it really simple with a few guitars and basses, a couple different microphones, and I switch between a MacBook and iMac computer when mixing and mastering. You don’t need much to pump out good sounding recordings nowadays.

9 – How do you think your music can improve the life of your fans?

Great question! I think that my new EP is the most uplifting and encouraging music I have ever produced. Even without the vocals, the songs are very happy sounding. I think we need more of that in today’s music world. Too many artists write their lyrics based on the negative things happening in their life, such as heartbreak, loss, despair, etcetera. Lyrically, ‘Be Alive’ talks about getting over the humps, going for what you want, and staying happy and positive throughout. So I believe that my new music will really inspire people to just straight up be happy. There are no specific guidelines to be happy, but when you are… you just know.

10 – What are your future goals for 2016?

To get one or several steps closer to making a living playing music, period. Thanks so much for interviewing me!

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