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Freddy Angel Releases Captivating EP: Sound Of The Dark Cloud



Freddy Angel Releases Captivating EP: Sound of the Dark Cloud
After an eight-year hiatus, Freddy Angel returns to the electronic dance music scene with his impressively diverse and innovative EP, ‘Sound of the Dark Cloud’. Freddy is really taking a huge step forward in the underground scene with his experimental rich sound that is currently resonating with the speakers of many bass heads across the globe, and ultimately shaping up the future of EDM. Sound of the Dark Cloud will not be categorized, as it actually fits into many genres, incorporating various different styles of EDM such as big beat, dark step, breakbeats, and drum ‘n’ bass.

Listening to the EP. you will be instantly drawn into a new world of synth sounds with the scratching effects of “Just A Demonstration (Intro)”, which towards the end samples some of Freddy’s previous work from “Beyond These Stars” released in 2008, which is pretty cool. Every track in this EP flows consistently as an evolution to the next, progressing from the Darkstep and bass infused “Don’t Jump”, pulsating breakbeats of “Deadly Sniper”, and the very brief fast-paced rap verses triggered within the “Bonus Track (Drum N Bass Freestyle)”.

All in all, Freddy Angel has created a captivating experience of alternative electronic dance music for listeners all around the globe into one small packaged EP that is “Sound of the Dark Cloud”. We can expect more of the same experimental flow and direction from Freddy in his upcoming (soon to be released) EP “Transitions”, which he mentioned in our most recent interview a few weeks ago. Let the bass drop and keep those beats rocking because new material is yet to come! Stay updated with all of Freddy Angel’s music projects by following him on SoundCloud.

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