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G-Shock Gets Classy And Afforable With G-STEEL



G-Shock gets classy and afforable with G-STEEL
Casio G-Shock began as a tough digital watch brand and became very popular in the world of streetwear fashion. Digital watches continue to be a large part of the G-Shock lineup and its collaborations with popular streetwear brands around the world are always in high demand. Being the innovator it is, G-Shock has also been making its way upmarket with refined analog watches that add luxury to its legendary toughness. While many people may scoff at G-Shock’s luxury timepieces in the $1,000-$3,000 range, there is a new “classy” G-Shock series that is affordable and one the year’s most popular releases. To read reviews and technical insights on G-Shock product lines, refer to So with haste, meet the G-STEEL line.

The G-STEEL watches combine stainless steel and resin and the result is a more upscale-looking analog-digital watch that is suitable for any environment. The watches have a stainless steel body with an extra-protective dual-layer bezel featuring an inner resin bezel and an outer bezel that is either resin or stainless steel. The inner bezel is black, blue, or red, and can be seen from the side of the watch, creating an interesting contrast with the outer bezel. Band options include a stainless steel band with folding clasp or a resin band with buckle. These various options along with different colors provide a variety of looks, with the stainless steel bezels offering a more refined look and the resin bezels a more rugged one.

The G-STEEL is a solar-powered watch with a rechargeable battery, eliminating the hassle of having to change the battery regularly. In addition to its analog hands, the watch also has three digital subdisplays to show the time, second, PM, and date, and for useful functions like the stopwatch and countdown timer. Other features include world time, five daily alarms, and a double LED light.

With G-Shock’s reliable shock protection and 200-meter water resistance combined with classy and mature looks, the G-STEEL is a G-Shock that can truly be worn anywhere. Be it swimming at the beach, a meeting at the office, or fine dining at a restaurant, the G-STEEL will never be out of place. Prices range from $280-$450 retail and most models can be found in the low $200s from online sources.

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