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Goofer Brings You Into A Futuristic Journey With Electro House



Goofer Into The Void
With captivating releases under his belt, Italian producer Goofer explores the future sound of Electro House in his recent release. Clearly, “Into The Void” is filled with vibrant and powerful beats that progressively become an uplifting journey. From beginning to end, his electronic music makes you feel out of this world. What’s more, the artist builds an intriguing atmosphere within this instrumental gem, taking you on a trip to other galaxies. In one way or another, he shows his admiration towards Hans Zimmer and John Williams’ work as there is a cinematic flair to it. On the other hand, the massive synths plus the buzzing basslines will remind you of Deadmau5’s early compositions. Check it out!

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According to Goofer himself, all of his songs are suitable for every mood. Besides, he doesn’t necessarily seek to make you dance. Conversely, his own style of Progressive House, Trance, Lo-Fi and Electro highlights sonic experiences. So, without knowing his philosophy I’m sure he understands that in order to be unique one must always be different. Therefore, his creativity is about saying yes to new ideas.

Being brave enough to take this type of artistic direction is a useful illustration of living up to one’s passion by not following mainstream trends.



By Erick Ycaza

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