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Look No Further! Have A Musical Trip Into Dreamy Electronica With Neebu



Neebu - Entranced Storm
delivers a sonic experience that’s out of this world with an enigmatic track called “Entranced Storm. The Californian producer’s debut EP ‘Organized Chaos’ is the result of channeling his emotions through synths, Ambient layers, and different tempos. As a matter of fact, each one of his compositions tells a unique story without any use of lyrics. With regard to “Entranced Storm,” the intergalactic soundscapes + mind-melting dreamy elements go hand in hand with his experimental approach.

There’s no need to waste time looking for tickets to fly to the moon if Neebu can transport yourself to a spacey atmosphere in almost three minutes of breathtaking melody. For sure, the essence of pleasure is spontaneity and his introspective vision toward this cut relies on that premise. Above all, he knows how to ramp up the intensity to insane levels. Naturally, he’s also such a great emerging artist that will leave you craving for more musical trips.



By Erick Ycaza

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