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The History Of The Acid Techno Smiley Face



The smiley face graphic was popularized in the early part of the 70s by two brothers, Bernard and Murray Spain. The Spain brothers seized upon the face graphic in a general novelty selling campaign.

Soon the brothers were producing smiley face t-shirts, coffee mugs, and even bumper stickers. Along with the smiley face image, many of these products carried the tagline ‘Have A Happy Day’.

In fact, there were an estimated fifty million smiley face buttons spread throughout the United States by 1972, at which point the button fad began to fade.

It was in early 1988 that this figure exploded into popular culture, and became the primary symbol adopted by the subculture of Acid Techno music enjoyers in the UK. Within no time this phenomenon had caught on sweeping the country as the logo of this genre.

Moreover, as the music evolved it went from a dream state symbol to a counter-culture image for the underground scene. Often, it is associated with drugs like ecstasy. Today the digital world uses the emblem extensively featuring many versions in email messages and forum bulletin boards, its use is unlikely to go away any time soon…

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