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Vampire Rave Club Scene From The 1998 Film Blade



In the video below you’ll see one of the best scariest movie intros ever made! Actor Wesley Snipes who plays half human/ half vampire hero named Blade was an icon during the late 90’s. The most memorable scene from the saga of the Blade movies is the vampire rave club scene, which was filmed in an underground club in Europe. So, what’s the Techno song that is being played in this scene?

Answer: New Order – Confusion (Pump Panel Reconstruction Mix)

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Top Tips For Making Music On A Computer



Top Tips For Making Music On A Computer
Have you always dreamed of becoming a music producer? Well, nowadays making music isn’t as far-fetched as it was in the past. As long as you have the right equipment, you can transform one of your spare rooms into a music studio.

Commence your journey by choosing a digital audio workstation and a top-notch computer as your basic tools. These are essential for transforming your creative thoughts into pieces of music.

The following tips will certainly be helpful in the process of making your first song.

Choose the right DAW

The initial thing to consider is choosing a digital audio workstation (DAW), which is a software that you need to install in order to record and edit music pieces. This program needs to be adapted to the operating system of your computer so as to be functional.

Prior to making an ultimate decision, you are advised to check out the plethora of online tutorials that explain the features of the DAW you find most suitable. These tutorials serve the purpose of familiarizing you with the layout of the software, which is particularly beneficial for complete beginners. If you wish to master the program faster, you could also try some of the online courses that teach you about its features in detail.

Purchase a computer

After selecting the right type of DAW, you’re supposed to purchase a computer or a laptop that matches the software requirements. It’s paramount for the computer to be armed with high processor speed and RAM of a minimum of eight gigabytes. Also, a hard disk space of at least 500 gigabytes is essential for the computer to run well and store all of your audio files.

Nevertheless, in case your budget isn’t enough to purchase a brand new computer, you can upgrade certain components of your current gadget to make it more powerful. Focus your attention on upgrading the processor, the RAM, and the hard drive space, as these components, are of greatest importance. Visit this page for some useful tips on upgrading a laptop.

Purchase production equipment

Apart from computer equipment, you’d also need production accessories that contribute to music quality. Instead of using plug-ins for certain instruments, you could purchase an instrument that you are keen on playing, such as a guitar, drums, synthesizer, etc. Make sure you purchase a keyboard and a microphone as well.

Work on the melody

Coming up with a melody is undoubtedly the trickiest part of recording a track, as you need to make the right choice of instruments. It’s essential to pair the number of vocals with the number of instruments for better synchronization.

Furthermore, your melody would be catchier by choosing a few additional instruments to emphasize the chorus or other sections of the song structure. However, bear in mind that these instruments won’t be effective if being included in almost every part of the track.

There isn’t a general rule when it comes to highlighting specific parts of a song since every music producer decides which sections of its track deserve to be emphasized. Besides instruments, you could use sound effects like wind, rain, storm, or waves to stress certain parts of the lyrics. Websites, such as, provide reviews of the most popular music plug-ins.

Finish the song

The ultimate thing to do is assembling all individual sections into a single track. Your DAW has useful tools for boosting the quiet sounds while weakening the loud ones.

Moreover, be prepared to spend most of your day making adjustments, regardless of how minor they are. There is supposed to be a smooth transition between sections and a constant volume in every part of the song.

Upload it online

Prior to uploading your track online, make sure you select the right file format. Choose between WAV and MP3, as these provide the best sound quality.

Finally, you’re expected to upload your track to some of the free music sharing sites or streaming services. Don’t forget to share it with your closest friends and family, as they won’t hesitate to give you honest feedback.


Becoming a music producer is more possible than ever.

Give it a shot!

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5 Big Mistakes Musicians Make When Starting (And How To Avoid Them)



5 Big Mistakes Musicians Make When Starting (And How To Avoid Them)

© [Aleks] /Alamy

As most amateur musicians know, certain paths tend to result in more successful careers. Moving to big music cities, playing live gigs, and investing in management are typical building blocks to musical success.

However, it’s not just about doing all the right things. It’s also about not doing the wrong things. There are certain actions that musicians should avoid if they want to reach a level of notoriety. Mistakes like these can hold a musician back and keep them from reaching their goals without them even realizing it.

For your best shot at musical success, we’re outlining five of the biggest mistakes musicians make when first starting—and how you can avoid them.

© [Aleks] /Alamy

1 – Investing in the Wrong Places

Investing in yourself as a musician is a big part of pursuing a career in music. If you’re not doing it for yourself, why would anyone else want to invest in you?

However, a big mistake that newcomers make is investing their time, money, and energy in the wrong places.

Blowing your savings on that “cool-looking” Les Paul guitar isn’t going to inch you any closer to your goals.

Telling yourself that going out to the elite bars and clubs on the weekends is a “networking cost”? Not quite the best way to go about it.

Instead, focus your investments on marketing yourself, renting a high-quality recording studio, and finding an experienced manager to support your journey.

© [Aleks] /Alamy

2 – Creating to Sell

Creating music to sell it and get loads of fame is not the route to take. If you’re playing with this mindset, you’re not true to yourself or the music.

No artist wants to feel pigeonholed into one genre or style of music, even if it is going to sell the best. Artists want the freedom to create what they want as they see fit.

While aiming for the charts at first might seem like your best track to #1, after a while, it will become draining. Don’t produce music you don’t love.

3 – Playing in Private

Many artists become protective over their work, fearing bad reviews or trying to ‘perfect’ a piece before releasing it. While creating in private is an excellent method of discovery, it won’t generate any hype around your music.

Get your music in front of people. See how they feel about it and create some buzz around your name. Even small gigs at local bars or a few hours playing on the street can create decent exposure and train you for your big stadium concerts one day.

4 – Assuming Legal Protection

Assuming that you and your music have legal protection can be a fatal flaw for musicians just starting. Without the proper use of copyright and trademarks, people can steal your music and your identity for illicit purposes.

© [incamerastock] /Alamy

Additionally, if you ever decide to join a record label, you should never assume that they have your best interests at heart. Do your due diligence. Too many artists have been victims of predatory labels.

If you want to avoid this, hire an experienced third party entertainment lawyer. Agencies such as will draw up contracts and protect your interests.

5 – Sacrificing Creativity for a Record Deal

For many artists, the ultimate goal is a record deal with a huge label. In the desire for fame and notoriety, though, many artists sacrifice their creative liberty.

These artists almost always regret these kinds of tradeoffs, but finding a way out of the complex contracts can prove challenging. It’s better to start on the right foot and refuse to sacrifice your creative freedom for the sake of a deal.

Learning from the Past for a Brighter Future

Gaining a footing in the music industry is an uphill climb for unsigned musicians. Rather than make the same errors of the artists that have gone before you, learn from them. You can avoid their biggest mistakes and become much better off for it.

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How To Make YouTube Intros?



How To Make YouTube Intros?
You have to understand that making a video is quite a significant form of art. You not only have to invest your money, but you also have to invest your time and effort. You also have to keep the quality of your video in mind. If the quality of your video is not up to the mark, it will not attract customers.

So, if you are planning to craft a YouTube intro video, you are in the right place. We are about to discuss how to make an intro video. It will help you to craft the perfect video. Besides, going through the points that we are about to discuss will help you to make the right decision. So, here are all the things that you need to know about YouTube intro.

What is the significance of intro videos on YouTube?

Now we will discuss the significance of intro videos on YouTube. There are huge benefits when it comes to the intro videos. It not only plays an important role in driving the attraction of the weavers, but it also helps in numerous other ways as well. So, let us look at the essentiality of the introduction on YouTube.

· The intro video will convey to your audience that you are white professional and dedicated when it comes to making videos.
· With an attractive intro, you can make your audience understand the forte of your brand. To be precise, it will increase the familiarity of your brand, along with making a strong place for you on YouTube.
· Moreover, you can consider your intro videos as the resource of your narrative. To be specific, you can make your audiences understand whether you are about to come up with vlogs, essays, or video guides.
· Furthermore, with the help of your intro, you will be able to make people understand what your video is about. The best part is you can make them understand within a very few time. Also, it will create a positive impact on your video.

Process of creating intro videos for YouTube

Well, if you want to create the perfect intro for YouTube, you have to consider some points. If you can consider those points, you will get the best results. So, the points that we are talking about are:

· Purpose

It is the first thing that you have to consider. Well before editing your video, the purpose of your intro should be clear in your mind. Or else it will be hard for you to build the desired result out of your intro videos. To be precise, you have to comprehend the content of your intro video at first. And to comprehend the content of your video, you have to understand the style of your channel. For instance, if your channel is a straightforward channel, a short intro will serve your purpose. Besides, you have to keep in mind about the feelings that you want to induce in your audience’s heads. It will help you to design your video according to that. To be specific, you have to know why you want to connect with your viewers through this video. In case if you fail to find the purpose of your video, there is no point in creating an intro.

· Duration

Another important thing that you have to keep in mind is the duration of your intro video. We have already discussed that the style of your channel is going to influence your intro video a lot. So, at first, you should acknowledge the style of your channel and then think of the duration. However, you have to keep in mind that the intro of your video should be short and crisp. Or else it will make people bored, and they will stay away from your intro video. Also, it is very important to consider the base of your video and comprehend whether it is compatible with its purpose or not. Well, YouTube analytics data is going to help you a lot as it will give you the best insights about your intro video.

· Music

Another significant part that you have to consider your intro video is the music. You must know that music is one of the significant parts of the video as it is responsible for making your video attractive and appealing. Well, the music of your video depends on the content of your video. You have to make sure that the music is compatible with the content of your info video. Or else it will make the video look messy. Also, it is very important to stay consistent when you are incorporating music in your intro video. To be precise, you have to use a single song or a single soundtrack when it comes to the intro of your videos. So, you have to be quite careful if you are planning to incorporate music into your intro video. If you use a free intro maker, you will get a library full of music.

· Visual identity

Now visual identity is one of the most important things when it comes to making an intro for YouTube. Compared to other states, it is easier to create a visual identity for your video. In fact, if you are ready with your plan creating a visual identity is quite simple. In this case, all you have to do is to include a photo with the name of your channel. So, you can see that you don’t have to worry about anything if you don’t know anything about design. Besides, it is one of those sections where you can do experiments with your creativity. However, you have to keep in mind that you shouldn’t go overboard. Or else there is a possibility that it will ruin your video.

· End screen

It is the final part of your intro. Here, you will get a considerable amount of opportunity that will help you to incorporate your creativity. Besides, in the end, screen, you have to include call-to-action for your brand or your products.

So, craft an attractive intro. Well, you can use the InVideo video editing tool to edit your intro video.

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The Best EDM Movies Ever Made Gift Giving Guide



The Best EDM Movies Ever Made Gift Giving Guide

© [nicoletaionescu] /iStock

Electronic dance music (EDM) is also known by other names such as dance music, club music, house music, and more recently, trap music. Tons of variations and sub-genres have evolved out of EDM over the last 40 years. Early EDM was called Dub or hip hop. Dub came out of Jamaican reggae music and introduced special effects like reverb and delay to make a unique sound mix. Even disco music is an early form of EDM. The point is, EDM makes you want to get up and dance. It’s often played in clubs by DJs who mix sounds and sound effects together with mixing boards. Even tech giant Elon Musk released his own EDM track according to the BBC.


© [mediaphotos] /iStock

The electrifying, heart-pumping tunes make fantastic movie soundtracks, not to mention the music industry itself provides a lot of great plot lines for feature films. This makes EDM enthusiasts and movie buffs fast friends. If you are looking for a movie-related gift for a friend who loves house music, here is a brief list of the best EDM movies to date. You can find even more great movie buff gifts ideas in this article from Giftwits as well.

We Are Your Friends (2015)

This movie about an aspiring DJ played by Zac Efron gives a fictional behind the scenes look at what it takes to rise to fame in the world of EDM. The wild ride is fueled with music, drugs, and sex while both a love triangle and a budding career are set up. This movie also stars Wes Bentley and Emily Ratajkowski. Despite its weak theatrical release, it’s now hailed as a timepiece movie for millennials and will probably become a cult classic among that crew, especially those that love dance music. Buy this movie as a gift and include a copy of the thumping soundtrack as a bonus.

Daft Punk Unchained (2015)

Daft Punk is a French Grammy Award-winning EDM band that is probably the most recognizable name in the business, even in the US. This documentary details their career which started in the early 1990s. It uses rare archive footage and personal interviews. While it chronicles the life and work of members Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, it also contains interviews from their closest collaborators like Pharrell Williams, Nile Rodgers, and Michel Gondry. The document was created entirely from previously recorded film and no new scenes containing Daft Punk were included. Their hit song “Get Lucky” helped them achieve international fame and awards, including 5 Grammy Awards. They have also done many amazing collaborations including a song with The Weeknd a few years ago.

Berlin Calling (2008)

A DJ that tours clubs around the world with his girlfriend and manager but ultimately lands in a psychiatric clinic after overdosing on narcotics. It shows struggles in Berlin following Hitler’s “final solution.” The film is ripe with techno clubs and a great soundtrack. Ecstasy puts him into a psychotic break which puts his career and relationships in trouble.

XOXO (2016)

If you love EDM music festivals then this movie will be right up your alley. It’s about six people attending an electronic dance music festival and who are all struggling in some way until their paths collide. The visuals in the movie are amazing and really bring the festival scene to life. It carries all the EDM cliches such as the bro-tank crowd, the slutty girls, the druggies, and the straight-edge (absolutely no drugs or alcohol) just to name a few. It’s both a comedy and a drama with something for everyone. If you’ve never been to a festival and want to see what one is like, this is a pretty good example.

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead (2016)

Forbes Magazine recently did a write up on the highest-paid DJs in the industry and the hard-working Steve Aoki was in the top five (along with The Chainsmokers, Calvin Harris, Diplo, and Marshmello). They reported that Aoki makes six-figures a night when he performs. I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead is a Netflix documentary about one of the most talented DJs the world has ever known. His story is exhilarating and at times heartbreaking in the time leading up to his biggest show to date. He talks about this childhood, his issues with his father, and more.

Party Monster (2003)

According to Kate Huber at NJGamblingFun, “For a bit of a throw-back, check out this clubbing movie starring Macaulay Culkin and Seth Green. It’s a biographical drama about party promoter and “king of the club kids” Michael Alig. Alig started out as a social outcast but found his groove in the club scene. He rose to fame but drugs ultimately tore him apart and ended in murder and prison time. The film got mainly negative reviews when it was first released but has become a cult classic over time. Roger Ebert even conceded that Culkin’s performance was fearless.”

24 Hour Party People (2002)

This British comedy-drama details Manchester’s popular music scene between 1976 and 1992. It starts out with punk rock but later evolves into the rave and DJ culture of the 1980s. The plot centers around a newspaper reporter that follows and reports on the music scene and news of the time. Although it’s a fictional movie, it is based loosely on real events which can be seen throughout the movie. The “fourth-wall” is frequently broken in a stylized fashion that brings a level of personalization to the film.

Human Traffic (1999)

This 90s movie is a mixture of music, romance, and club culture in Brittan and stars John Simm and Danny Dyer. The tale of five close friends who explore their relationships and personal demons during ecstasy and music filed weekend. It includes plenty of backdrop of techno raves for the EDM lovers out there. It is interesting to note that the UK version and the US version of the movie are pretty different so if you are a purist try to find the original version.

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Why CBD Is Becoming More Prevalent In The Dance Music Industry



Why CBD Is Becoming More Prevalent In The Dance Music Industry

© [Deagreez] /iStock

Cannabis products, the good old fashioned kind that gets you high, have long been a staple of the music industry as a whole. It makes sense, THC opens your mind and relaxes your body, paving the way for the creativity to flow freely. But as more and more DJs in the EDM movement are going healthy and straight-edge, could non-THC CBD oil products be the new substance of choice?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a plant compound found in both the marijuana plant and it’s cousin industrial hemp. When derived from hemp, CBD contains none of the THC properties that produce a high but is still able to offer many health-related benefits. In an article by CBD KYRO, CBD oils and tinctures are explained to have a relaxing and focusing effect on the mind as well as being used for chronic pain, inflammation, and other conditions. There are plenty of opportunities for a plant-based concoction that helps the body regulate mood, movement, inflammation, and pain in the EDM world.

CBD For Mood Enhancement And Creativity Among EDM DJs

Even without the THC properties, legal CBD products can help enhance creativity in other ways. First of all, CBD works directly with the body’s endocannabinoid system that stimulates mood (among other things). Many users report that CBD helps them relax and can increase focus. To use CBD for mood enhancement, one of the best products is CBD oil that can be placed under the tongue. You can get a full list of the best CBD oils on the market right now from Daily CBD Mag. By using the CBD oil and a dropper you can avoid harmful vaping side effects on your lungs.


© [happyphoton] /iStock

Dance music composers and DJs can benefit from mood enhancement from daily CBD use. It can help you worry less about the unyielding pressures of the business and let you enjoy creating music again. Popular DJs today are in high demand, work crazy hours, and fall under constant critic and scrutiny. We could all use a little mood-regulation in our lives, but people who live under a social media microscope are even more in need of relief.

Relief For Social Anxiety And Dealing With Crowds At Clubs, Raves, And Festivals

Music festivals have enjoyed a huge popularity surge in the last ten years. And none are more non-stop fun than EDM festivals. It’s like a rave that goes on for days. And while many people thrive in a chaotic crowded environment, others have difficulty partying it up with tons of strangers. If you love EDM but suffer from any degree of social anxiety, then CBD might be the answer you’ve been looking for. While CBD clinical studies to date have been somewhat lacking due to ever-changing hemp and cannabis laws, there was a study in 2010 on the effect of CBD and social anxiety. Brain scans helped provide proof that CBD acts on parts of the brain responsible for anxiety. Another study in 2011 studied public speaking and CBD use with positive results. All of this suggests that CBD could help you enjoy crowded places a little more than usual.

CBD anxiety

© [dvulikaia] /iStock

If you’ve been avoiding your first festival due to anxiety, give CBD a try then check out this list of the best under-rated music festivals put out by Forbes. Music festivals give you the opportunity to share your passion with other fans and meet new people, not to mention hear some of your favorite bands and DJs live.

Ease Sore Muscles After A Night Of Dancing Or DJing

If you party all night at the club listening to EDM then you’re bound to have some soreness the next day. DJs also suffer from tendonitis and other job-related aches and pains. Luckily, CBDs main use is as a casual pain reliever. It won’t help you with a broken arm but if you have chronic aches then this might become your go-to cover the counter medication. CBD can be made into a topical cream that can be rubbed into the skin over sore joints and muscles.

Many health websites such as WebMD are reporting on the possibility that CBD could help curb the opioid addiction epidemic that is brewing all over the globe. Opioids are addictive pain relievers and wide-spread use has created a generation of accidental addicts. If you have chronic pain or occasional pain from dancing the night away, try the all-natural non-addictive alternative of CBD rather than traditional pharmaceuticals. With CBD becoming legal all over the US it is getting easier to find and has been infused with more and more products. You’ll have no trouble finding the perfect CBD pain relief cream for what ails you.

How To Unwind And Get A Good Night’s Rest When The Music Is Over

When you come home from a night of hard clubbing you just want to crash and sleep for hours. Unfortunately, your brain has something else in mind. A night of heart-pounding music and strobe lights will leave your mind feeling jittery and wired, making it hard to fall asleep. Luckily, another one of CBD’s most popular uses is as a sleeping aid.

good night rest

© [joshblake] /iStock

For many people, a busy or otherwise anxious mind is the leading cause of insomnia. CBD helps reduce anxiety and relax the body, creating a better internal condition for sleep.

Some early research has shown that CBD does impact the sleep cycle, improving REM sleep. While the studies are hopeful, there hasn’t been enough evidence to prove how it works exactly. If you’re interested in using CBD for sleep, pay close attention to user reviews that can provide a first-hand look at how the product has helped improve their sleep. Some sleep inducing CBD products are combined with known sleep enhancers like melatonin, chamomile, and lavender. Creating a positive sleep environment by eliminating lights and sounds, having a comfortable mattress, and the perfect sleep temperature can also help improve the quality of your sleep after a rave.

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