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How To Buy High Quality Headphones?



How To Buy High Quality Headphones?
Most people experience challenges while choosing the right headphones to purchase. These challenges could be based on one’s preference which would be influenced by the variation in prices, the comfort required or the sound produced by the headphones.

In this article, we shall review ways that can help a buyer purchase the best headphones using examples of the highest quality type of headphones in the market.

1. Full-Size Headphones

These headphones are big in size. They cover almost the whole part of the ear. This helps in inhibiting the sound and possible noises from the surrounding and the music are clinched in. This helps reduce any interruptions while listening. Some of the full-size headphones have pads that can be changed and wires that make it possible to adjust the volume. However, these headphones are mostly recommended for home use because they can create inconveniences. This is because they are not easily portable.

The full-size headphones can cause overheating of the ears. Its huge size can also cause obstruction if the user has glasses on, earrings and also some hairstyles. They can be found in online shops and websites.

2. USB-C or Lightning Headphones

These headphones source their power from the phone. If it’s an android phone, the headphone is plugged into the USB port and if the device is an apple, the headphones are plugged into the lightning port. These headphones give a finer sound. Surrounding noise is ruled out using the phone. They are more costly than the wired headphones. They can be used at home, in offices, and even when one is moving. The lightning or USB-C headphones can be found on the websites owned by the manufacturers and also online stores.

3. Wireless headphones

These headphones have no wires that connect the audio appliance to the headphone. It mainly conveys music that is wireless using Bluetooth. The Cowin E7 Bluetooth headphones are one of the best wireless headphones that use Bluetooth. These headphones can be used at home, while someone is on the move and even in the offices. In case the battery shuts down, the music stops playing immediately.

The quality of sound is compromised because of the squashing process of the file. The wireless headphones last for a long time. These headphones are cost friendly and can be found at online shops and electronic websites.

wireless headphones
4. Noise Cancelling Headphones

They are made in different sizes. There are full sizes and sizes of earbuds. They get rid of encircling noises. These headphones are wireless and their batteries can be recharged. Using the noise canceling headphones, one can adjust the volume. Listening in with low volume leads to the ears not getting exhausted easily.

These headphones are also durable and easily portable. However, these headphones change the originality of the quality of music. One can use these headphones on an airplane ride and even while running. They are not expensive and can be found in online stores and websites.

To buy headphones that are of good quality like the ones discussed above, one has to consider their durability, the comfort the headphones give, the sound and the affordability to continue enjoying listening to music using the best standard of headphones regardless of where one is.

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Want To Enjoy A Concert Like You Are Having The Best Seats? Meet Peex Live



peex live
You have to admit that it is a bit strange to see people wearing headphones at a concert. If you have seen them, maybe you have asked yourself why would anyone in the world do that? Well, there are great chances that they are using Peex – a device designed to make the concert sound better and boost your listening experience.

You simply place the wireless receiver around your neck and put the earphones into our ears when the music starts. When the receiver notifies you about any instrument underperforming, all you need to do is to launch the Peex Live app on your smartphone, select the appropriate icon and tune the sound up until you hear it just the way t should be heard.

Is this something we can expect to see more often in the future?

At the moment, you can’t buy this product. It is in development for some time now and the company became partners with Elton John. Some people will have the chance to try the Peex system during the Elton John’s farewell tour planned for next year.

How does the Peex System work?

The main soundboard and the Peex console interact at the venue. The rigs round the stage have wireless transmitters installed and they determine the exact location of the listener and stream enhanced audio to their headphones depending on the sound direction in the room.

The app has sliders that can help you enhance the sound of the live concert and still enjoy the concert performance.

If you are sittings at the best place in the room you may not see a difference between the audio coming from the Peex system and the live audio. However, if you go to the not so good seating locations, the difference will be very noticeable. You will definitely hear the sounds that usually don’t come there or are just recessed.

peex earphones
The most interesting thing is that the Peex earbuds are nothing special although you may expect a great sounding pair of wireless earbuds. We can say that they are designed just like the Apple EarPods but they have a rubber cover which makes sure they remain at place while you are at the concert.

If you think you can use your own earbuds, we have to say that we have tried to use the Bose SoundTrue Ultra earphones but the sound was just not that good. It was quite bad actually. The truth is that noise-isolation is not desirable here because the earphones have to let the concert audio in. The Peex system is just filtering the audio and open earbuds are the preferred option.

The plan for the future is to make the headsets available for rent at the venue so hundreds or even thousands of people can enjoy the system simultaneously. The company has also tested the system on outdoor concerts and it works perfectly fine.

The price of the rental is still unknown, but the main goal is to make the people going to concerts enjoy this technology, so we can expect the rental price to be very affordable.

As the name says, the Peex Live app is designed for live concerts. However, there is also the Peex Relive app. It will help you listen to some concert recordings (at the moment, just Elton John’s) and play them via the five-channel Peex Mixer.

Although the technology is pretty amazing, Peex can have some trouble negotiating with some artists and venues to implement the system. However, in the US people often pay too much for live concerts and in most cases, they are not truly satisfied with the sound quality. The main reason is that they are not having the best seats. However, the Peex system is designed to make you feel like you are having the best seats every time you use it. And you have to admit that this is exactly what everyone who likes going to concerts wants. At the moment, we will be able to enjoy Elton John’s music using the Peex system but hopefully in the near future the number of artists will be much bigger.

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Music To Listen To While Writing Academic Essays



Music To Listen to While Writing Academic Essays

© [Ezra Bailey] /Getty Images

Music is a perfect companion for our daily activities, and studying is not an exception. Certain genres can improve our focus, inspire creative work, and reduce fatigue. Many students love to write to their favorite tracks, as it sets the mood and lets the ideas flow better.

If you have plenty of academic papers due, turn to music as a source of inspiration. Read below for the exact suggestions of music types that streamline the writing process and improve your productivity. If you can’t seem to complete everything on time, outsource some of your college essay editing to an online academic editing service. A professional editor from these services will edit your papers online, helping you relieve some time for yourself.

4 types of music to write to

Classical and jazz music

Classical music and jazz are the optimal options for switching on in the background while you’re writing the next assignment for college English literature class. Researchers even have proven that classical music dramatically improves your concentration and efficiency – the so-called “Mozart effect”. More importantly, instrumental tracks of these genres won’t distract your attention with lyrics, so you can let the music gently flow and set the tone without dragging your attention away from that paper writing task.

Ambient electronic music

Not a fan of classics? Turn your attention to modern tracks that don’t have lyrics. Electronic music spans a variety of genres and styles, so you can pick something that would set you in a mood for writing. Ambient sounds, repetitive melodies and distorted voice (or no voice at all) will keep you focused on the task without serving as a distraction. Many professional writers use electronic music as they write the text, so find the genre that appeals to you most and open the word processor.

your favorite music

© [Ezra Bailey] /Getty Images

Your favorite music

If you are moved by the last album of Dua Lipa and Drake, it’s a good idea to switch them on, especially if you’re working on an online assignment or research paper you’re not much excited about. Listening to the music you love will improve your mood and boost productivity in this way. On the flip side, chances are that you will put the boring essay away and start singing along. So, you might want to listen to your favorites before writing and then switch some classics.

White noise

Forest and rain sounds, birds singing, or sounds of waves are said to help us relax while stimulating brain activity. Sounds like a perfect background for writing a time-pressing critical thinking essay, doesn’t it? If you write in a noisy environment, white noise will cover it so that you could focus on the task. Moreover, the repetitive sounds of nature are of great service for doing monotonous work, such as creating a reference list or editing and proofreading your essays.

© [Ezra Bailey] /Getty Images

How to write a music essay?

If the instructor has assigned you to write a music analysis essay, you need to familiarize yourself with the piece of music first and analyze the technical details. After you’ve done your research and collected the information, be sure to check the text for accuracy and correctness of writing. To get a better grade for the assignment, you might want to pay for the services of an academic editor. A native expert editor will edit the grammar and punctuation in your document. The help of editors for students is usually affordable and they let you choose the deadline.

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Beat Making Software Review – Technology In Music Production



Beat Making Software
A constant among human activities and abilities is that there is always that window or room (depending on whatever figure of speech that suits you more) to improve on that activity/ability. Through constant tweaking, particular areas of an activity can be improved upon so much so that the end result is sometimes even better than what was earlier envisaged!

Thus, the result is that human systems and activities get to constantly evolve over time, improving itself, breaking new bounds and permeating different spheres. You look at the different inventions, breakthroughs in the medical world, the multi-billion dollar entertainment industry in general, and the music industry in particular.

Nothing remains the same, not even how you make your music. And the thing is, you either move with the times or you’re left behind.

What Is Beat Making?

This generally is the process of arranging and organizing the rhythmic progression of a song to the tune of a drum beat, using specific musical instruments. Normally, the person who does this is called a beatmaker who usually is the composer, director, or producer of the song, you can read more about it here:

Traditionally, in the not too distant past, it used to be that a complete set of musical instruments would be needed for this to be done. But thanks to the constantly evolving human cycle of inventions and the advent of newer musical genres not previously in the mainstream, a lot of changes have occurred.

beat making
Today, it is not necessary to use live musical instruments to achieve this, one can comfortably do this in the comfort of the person’s room or even lying down on the bed. All that is needed is a beat making software.

What Is a Beat Making Software?

This basically is a software installed in a computer system that enables one to create rhythmic beats to a song without using the traditional musical instruments. With it, one can facilitate musical progressions and arraignments, create tunes and rhythm, and every other thing required in music production. You can find out about this here.

How Does It Work?

For one to be able to make music this way, the first thing needed is a computer and then a built-in speaker or in the alternative, get either a headphone or some studio monitors. You also should be at the very least, a bit musically literate so as to be able to create good musical content.

The following should serve as a guide especially for a beginner:

• Always begin with the basics, this gives you a good foundation to build your whole track on
• Having started from the basics, you can now add your own feel and personal touch on the whole process and pattern it after your own idea(s)
• Ensure that you add some instrumental vibes to it because it makes for a more melodious sound. Also create space for some vocals, rap or adlibs to be infused into it if you plan to have one.
• Finally, ensure you keep practicing; you will get better and better with time. You can find resources to help you learn more here: this site.

What Are The Various Options Available?

MAGIX music maker premium
Now, as with anything that there is a huge market for, there are many beat making software online. Since we cannot look at every one of them, let’s just quickly look at a few examples.

1. The Magix Music Maker: This is a good choice for a beginner because it is easy to use and also very affordable. Furthermore, it has a variety of sound options for you to choose from and you can customize it to further suit you more.

2. The BTV Solo: This Product has the advantage of being easy and fast to navigate and this is a good thing in the area of digital music production. Also, you will be able to load sounds with greater ease on pads because of its drag and drop features as well as being able to tweak notes to fit into your creation.

3. The FL Studio: This particular software has the advantage of having a very strong mixing and automation capability, numerous options for instrumentals, and great plugin effect. Its browser and workflow features are also very flexible. Best of all, it has the most incredible piano roll out of all the software.

4. The Sonic Producer: This product has some specific features that make it unique from the rest. For example, its drum pads have twelve programmable options, it is both PC and Mac compatible and it has tutorial videos to guide you on how to use these options.
You can visit for more on beat making.

beat making software online
With this guide, you now know what to look out for when you want to get a beat making software. Hopefully, you will also be able to master its use over time and with lots of practice, be on your way to being that professional beat maker you have always wanted to be.


The continuous evolutions and developments in all the different aspects of life provide it certain unique opportunities that were previously not there. Thus, if one is willing to learn, one can also tap into the opportunities that these developments bring. This willingness to learn to maximize opportunity becomes the ladder to the fulfillment of your dreams.

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Best Electro Soundtracks In Video Games



Best Electro Soundtracks In Video Games
Music has been an integral part of the video game experience from the first time that consoles and computers were capable of producing sound.

As technology has evolved, so too the options available to composers have expanded. Modern games can boast any kind of soundtrack to suit their theme, from the soaring strings of Skyrim to the jazzy big band bombast of Super Mario Odyssey to the amazing variety of tunes found on casino sites like Casumo.

Of course, electro has also had a huge influence over gaming in the past-half century, so if you are looking to play something with a synth-drenched soundtrack, here are a few of the best options around.

Mirror’s Edge

Released back in 2008, Mirror’s Edge was a boundary-pushing game that focused on free-running and movement rather than combat.

With a story set in a curiously pristine near-future city in which a group of underground parkour enthusiasts ply their trade on perfectly-maintained rooftops, it made total sense for the developers to choose an electro soundtrack to amplify its most intense moments.

Much of the composition work was handled by Swedish electro stalwart Solar Fields, and the results are suitably pulse-pounding, as well as having their calmer, more ambient periods.

The 2016 sequel Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has a similarly impressive soundscape, once again put together by the same artist. It is also a great idea to check out the Chvrches song “Warning Call”, which was the official theme for the whole game and is a slice of electro-pop perfection.

Hotline Miami

Like the game itself, the soundtrack to top-down shooter Hotline Miami is dripping with 80s charm and evokes that neon-soaked decade incredibly effectively.

The lazy synths of certain tracks are juxtaposed jarringly against the more eclectic and discordant elements of the soundtrack throughout, reflecting the fact that this game as a whole is a bit of an oddball and does not want to conform to any preconceived notions the player might have.

Rather than being created by a single composer, Hotline Miami was scored by a number of different artists including MOON and Jasper Byrne. This helps to add to the overall eccentricity, yet it all comes together to leave a lasting impression long after the final bullet has been fired.


You may not have heard of this retro-inspired puzzle-platformer, but before you dive in beware that it is punishingly difficult and very much aimed at an audience who is happy to take a trial and error approach to overcome challenges, often only attaining victory after tens if not hundreds of deaths.

Thankfully the stunning electro soundtrack that accompanies the unusually named VVVVVV is enough to keep you going, providing a mixture of polyphonic melodies, pounding drums, and soaring synths.

Composed predominantly by Magnus Palsson, a major force on the chiptune scene, the music mirrors the game in being a love letter to a bygone era.


While a lot of the soundtracks mentioned so far can be divided neatly into tracks that can be enjoyed in isolation, a lot of Portal’s music is entirely contextual and is difficult to appreciate when stripped out of the game itself. Even so, it deserves a place on this list because of just how well the ambience is enhanced through the use of electro.

Like the game itself, the soundtrack starts out subtly and gradually amps up over the course of the relatively short single player campaign, climaxing in a terror-inducing tune to accompany the final boss battle, before easing off with an end-credits song that is the mother of all memes.

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Sir Ivan Is Helping Out-Of-Work DJs, Enter This Competition To Win $1,000



Sir Ivan Is Helping Out-Of-Work DJ’s, Enter This Competition To Win $5,000
Known for spreading his message of love, peace, and unity through music, Sir Ivan (Peaceman) wants to help out-of-work DJs. Dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t easy for artists. Certainly, financial burdens are affecting most of them. With this in mind, Sir Ivan launches a MegaMix competition for DJs from all over the world.  He shows his generosity by making a $10,000 contribution to this cause in the form of a $5,000 donation to Insomniac’s “Rave Recovery” fund. He will also award additional cash to the Top 5 winners ($1,000 each).

First of all, make sure you fill the form here ➡️

Sir Ivan’s team will send you a link to download the songs you must use in your DJ set that must be uploaded via Mixcloud. If you haven’t entered yet, hurry up! The deadline for submissions is June 22th, 2020. Big names in the EDM industry like Paul Oakenfold, Bassjackers, DJs From Mars, Tenishia, and Exodus will be the judges of this epic competition. The main runners-up will also receive amazing prizes from sponsors:

  • Signed copies of the 4th edition of the legendary ‘The Dance Music Manual’.
  • A project with Peak Hour Music.
  • A publicity package with Matt Caldwell PR.
  • Interviews and mix opportunities on EDM Sessions Radio.

What are you waiting for? Enter the competition right now!

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