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How To Learn Guitar By Yourself?



How To Learn Guitar By Yourself
Many people are motivated to buy a guitar to play songs to their loved ones and friends. This vision becomes shattered after a short period. Why? This is because the way they were learning was not right and did not encourage them to continue thus they quit. They fall into the assumption that the activity is hard, and they lose focus. If you want to learn to play the instrument without taking lessons from a music teacher, then there are plenty of resources and activities that will help you. In this article, we shall tackle on simple keys of learning how to play the guitar by your own.

Step 1: Buy a Second-Hand Guitar or Borrow one

Older guitars are more difficult to play thus a better way to learn. If you teach yourself to play them with poor action, believe me, you will flow like water on a new equipment. Second, you may damage the precious instrument as you are learning on your own (remember). You will learn how to take proper care like cleaning and changing strings with the former one. Moreover, in case you give up, your money will be safe.

Step 2: Learn the Fundamentals- Chords

These are the set of notes to play. Learn how to play them in a clean way starting with the common and simplest ones. Press the EM (E Minor) in the correct way and keep that as a priority and you will sound great with time. The next is D (D Major). Change the two by trying out your own pattern. Believe me, you can experiment a lot at this point. Now, practice on the third one (C Major) which is a bit hard but very easy once you get hold of it.

Step 3: Start with Your Favorite Songs

Choose your song, search for its chords on Google, and start learning from the first one to the next. Now experiment between the different notes from your favorite songs that you have learned. Keep going as you’re almost there. The feeling is unbelievably good. And guess what? It just keeps getting stronger, since your skills and the way you sound constantly keep getting better. Remember, YouTube is your teacher, just type in and use the available resource.

Buy a New Guitar to Learn Finger Plucking Patterns
Step 4: Buy a New Guitar to Learn Finger Plucking Patterns

Once you’re comfortable in shifting from chord to chord, you’re ready to get your own guitar. Know how to speed up the process making a perfectly clean sound. Make your finger muscles familiar with the shape of the pitches such that, if someone wakes you at the middle of the night and places a guitar in your hands, you will be able to press down all of them. After few weeks, start further expanding your envelope by learning more chords on your plate.

Step 5: Learn to figure out the Correct Strumming Pattern and Your Sense of Rhythm

Most beginners have much trouble here. The strumming motive should fit and match the song rhythm. Count one to four as you play the music, which means one melody has passed by and another comes next. It is as simple as that. The best way to develop your sense of time is to play along with the original recording to make the song pleasant and even.

If you want to learn more online, consider virtual lessons for playing guitar that will guide you to become a perfectionist. Always make sure to cut your left-hand fingernails before you start. This is because they make it hard to press down the chords. Keep your motivation higher and be patient as it takes many years of dedication to be a master.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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