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How To Look Awesome In A T-Shirt?



It is hard to find a man’s wardrobe without a pack of t-shirts, which goes to show just how much the male species appreciate their inception. With styles rapidly changing every other day, you may find yourself out of place if you don’t catch up with the new trends. Besides, a quality T-shirt will go a long way in helping you make an excellent impression.

Here are invaluable tips that might help you appear fantastic in a t-shirt:

Consider the Occasion

Unless you are required to wear a t-shirt to the office or any other formal function, it’s not appropriate to challenge the dress code. Forget about how stylish you would look or how much comfortable you feel in your casual clothing; respecting the event’s dress code could mean tossing that t-shirt for a suit. Besides, how would you feel being the only one in a tee while you are surrounded by people in suits? Some of the occasions in which donning a t-shirt is considered appropriate include when going to a concert, beach, casual party, or local bar.

Consider Your Body Type

The bare truth is that not everyone is endowed with a chest like that one of Dwayne Johnson to fit and look superb in any t-shirt. Therefore, you will want to consider your best body attributes before picking your ideal t-shirt. A t-shirt that doesn’t fit well will look terrible in spite of being a $500 designer.

To perfectly fit in a tee, consider the following rules:

  • Abdomen: To depict a perfect appearance, your tee should complement the curves of your belly. This means that the t-shirt shouldn’t be too loose to bring out your body shape or too tight to be uncomfortable.
  • Neck and Shoulders: When it comes to your shoulders, your tee should sit beautifully on their edge while also allowing easy movement of the arms. It should also leave a gap around the neck to allow it to move comfortably.
  • Length: The length of a t-shirt should extend a little bit past the hip bone and totally cover the waistband of your pants.

Adhering to the above three rules will allow your tee to do an excellent job in making your body look fantastic irrespective of your being physically muscular.

Choose a Quality Fabric

You might have a perfect body and still look ridiculous in a tee if it has poor fabric. With the market being flooded with multiple t-shirts of different materials like cotton, linen, polyester, and rayon to name a few, finding your ideal fabric should be a walk in the park. However, always read the label attached to them, not for the price, but a description regarding the material from which it is made. The best thing about t-shirts is that they are very inexpensive, and you can choose a quality fabric and have it customized with meaningful messages. For instance, your prospective t-shirt could feature a message based on a TV show like The Office.

the office
This information will come in handy to establish whether your prospective t-shirt is a worthy investment. Besides, some fabrics are heavy enough to be worn during cold days while others are sufficiently light to serve you during the summer. Before choosing a t-shirt, consider the intended use of the fabric and how it looks and feels when you’re wearing it.

Choosing a t-shirt that boasts your charms doesn’t need to be complicated; following the above advice will allow you to stock your wardrobe with perfect tees that effortlessly emphasize your unique qualities. Whether you’re attending a party or going on a date among other occasions, a tee that fits perfectly could be just what you need to make a lasting impression. It is, however, imperative to choose a style that suits your body while not exposing your chest too much.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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