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JunesFlow Pays Tribute To Classic Sounds Of Detroit Techno On New Album



detroit techno
Times are constantly changing and new music trends appear more often than usual. However, when Detroit Techno developed in the late 80s, it marked a turning point in the history of music. As a result, it has a direct influence on modern-day productions. Certainly, there’s something timeless about this genre. Perhaps, this has to do with analog synths, iconic 808 drum sounds, lovely hit-hats or even the consistent bassline. Surprisingly, JunesFlow takes into consideration all these elements in his new album ‘Long Live Jit’.

Of course, he didn’t discard his Hip-Hop roots for this record. Thus, his technique of fast rapping works pretty well on tracks like “Challenge”, “The Circle” and “The Jit”, while hard pounding beats fire up the party. Despite this, he is giving the best rhymes on the title track “Long Live Jit”, inspired by a dancing style reinvented in Detroit called, The Jitterbug, which involves footwork and rapid movements. Overall, his sharp delivery and the vintage vibes are present in all the 8 tracks. Without a doubt, this fresh material supposes a real pride for all of those who were born in The Motor City.



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