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How To Pack Shoes For Moving Out?



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Moving is the most exciting time, right? Well, not exactly. It is equally amazing to change the atmosphere, to live in a bigger, cozier dwelling. But how to make it legitimately spacious and put together when the house is just empty?

The process of moving seems like a whole headache: what to do with all the lamps, kitchen stuff, sofas, and clothes? How not to damage all the packages in a moving truck and not to end up with crushed plastic and broken glass? But most importantly, what do you do with the shoes? They can be expensive and fragile! Unless you use the help of a qualified service like the SF Moving team, be prepared to facilitate your moving out by learning these easy tips and tricks:

1. Prepare loads of newspapers

Not to read, of course. You want to stuff paper inside your shoes to make them stiff and upstanding. This will prevent your sneakers, sock-boots, and stilettos or Oxfords from crumpling and losing their form. Don’t forget to pack paper very densely, so that nothing will damage them even if you lack carton boxes for each pair.


2. Have boxes for more expensive shoes

If your precious pairs are made of leather or real suede, it is better to repeat the previous step and lay them carefully inside the boxes.

3. Use fabric bags for cheaper shoes

If you have simple everyday footwear, you can just pack each pair in a bag with a fixator, and then put everything inside a huge plastic bag.

4. Fix the boxes with a scotch tape

That way, each pair will be secured from the box ripping in a truck and crumpling. You want to scotch tape the boxes in a cross motion to provide maximum security.

5. Throw the unnecessary shoes away

Or give I tot charity. Or sell them. You don’t need to carry around old slippers, ridiculous 2006 summer beach Crocs or damaged pair of shoes. Trust me, it will be ten times easier to move out with essential things only. You don’t want to take garbage and trash up the new house right away.

6. Sort out what you will need in the first days

Pack at least 3 pairs of shoes that you will need throughout your first weeks. You can take all the essentials and bring everything else later.

7. Wrap up all of the high boots

The upper parts of the boots always lose their form, so they look ridiculous afterward. Use newspapers to secure and cover the fabric so that it will not get dirty.

real vs fake sneakers
8. Sort out your shoes by seasons

A very practical principle is to pack things around the season. So, when you arrive at a new place, you will save time on unpacking, and everything that is unnecessary, but neatly folded, will simply be hidden in the space reserved for storage.

9. Pack your shoes separately from the clothes

Fold the shoes in such a way as to avoid possible deformation. If you have preserved the boxes, then you can tie them up with a rope for ease of transportation, placing one on top of the other.

10. Don’t place your shoes near heavy things

Kitchen stuff, as well as furniture or glass, are not a good neighborhood for your shoes. Be aware of that and pack boxes on top of everything else. Secure the boxes by tying them with ropes to bigger ones.

By Erick Ycaza

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