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How To Wear A Shirt And Still Stand Out



How To Wear A Shirt
Whether you want a formal work outfit or a dress down casual outfit, shirts never disappoint. You do not have to be an adult with a full-time job to wear a shirt; it can still look good with jeans. Shirts can make a statement alone or work as part of an ensemble to give you a perfect look. They are versatile pieces of clothing because they come in many colors, designs, sizes, and ways of wearing them.

Below are incredible ways to wear a shirt and still stand out.

1. Be creative

Be creative when wearing your shirts and let people see your personal style and creativity. Shirts are not a preserve for men only and women can rock them stylishly too. Pair your checkered shirt with skinny jeans and add a belt for a chic look that is appropriate for college and office. Wear your white shirt with suspenders to get the 90s hipster look. Add a blazer to your shirt to put in a touch of sophistication to your look. Pair your shirt with denim shorts and you will never go wrong. There are unlimited ways to wear your shirt and look unique and chic.

2. Perfect fit

If you want to stand out in a shirt, wear one that fits you perfectly. The fit of your shirt can make or break your look. An oversized shirt may look outrageous while a skinny fit may highlight the wrong parts of your upper body. For a man, know your chest measurement so that you can choose a shirt that fits you well. Depending on your physique, you can choose between a comfort fit and a slim fit. Whichever you choose, make sure you are comfortable in it.

perfect fit shirt
3. Right shirt for the right time

Shirts are versatile and you can wear them when rocking an official wear or a casual wear. The primary rule when wearing shirts is to choose the right shirt for the right occasion. Go for a formal shirt accompanied by a tie for an official wear and chambray shirt for a casual outfit. Click here to get shirts with inspirational messages that spread positivity and good vibes to rock your casual wear. Short-sleeved shirts are versatile and can be worn at work or in the open world.

4. Find your color

Shirts come in many colors so make sure you choose one that goes well with your complexion. Bright colors like yellow go well with darker skin while cool colors like navy and burgundy are perfect choices for fairer skin tones. If you are uncertain of the color to buy, settle for colors such as black, blue and white because they go well with a majority of skin tones and you can wear them with almost everything. Importantly, do not be afraid of experimenting with the plethora of prints out there.

colors shirts

Shirts are the cornerstone of a majority of people’s wardrobes because they are easy to wear and versatile. They are comfortable and stylish and with a few tweaks here and there, they look elegant and chic. Whether you want a casual wear or a formal work outfit, shirts never disappoint. The next time you want to wear a shirt, use these tips and stand out from the crowd.

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