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Interview | Questions & Answers With NIGHT



Adam Sabani and Gustaf Johansson is the creative duo behind NIGHT. Their latest single is called “Charlottesville”, and it is a protest song linked to the violent and racist march that occurred exactly a year ago in the state of Virginia. That said, you’ll like the idea that their music has a purpose. Read the full interview and know a bit more about them.

1 — How has your music changed from when you first started this artistic path?

We started out NIGHT with the ambition to only be great songwriters, possibly for other artists. It was a very commercial approach and it turned out the songs that came out were often lacking an edge.

It wasn’t until we focused on things that were truly important to us – political, emotional and personal – that truly satisfying things started to emerge. And I think and hope that this will become very clear to the audience in the songs that we are about to release.

2 — Do you still feel inspired by the 80s music?

Oh yes!

You often hear that the 80’s pop music what somewhat superficial, and maybe that is an accurate description of the approach to music making. But in reality, when listening to music from that time, and especially when reading the lyrics there is always almost a very strong underlying narrative and storytelling.

Many of the 80’s artists were masters at combining lyrics and music so that the songs became truly meaningful, albeit very accessible and comprehensible.

NIGHT interview
3 — How did the duo meet?

In the 80’s! We met in the locker room of our high school. We very soon found out that we shared a taste in music and spent most of our afternoons sitting and listening to LP.s in Gustaf’s basement.

But we really didn’t start creating music until in recent years, and since we know each other deeply it is a very intuitive process.

4 — Can you tell us more about the writing process of your latest track “Charlottesville”?

It was one of those times when reality was just too disturbing to keep one’s feelings inside. The events in Charlottesville last year and the following comments by President Trump was just too much to take.

The song at its core really is quite simple – just three chords and lyrics that are self-evident. It probably took 5 minutes to write it. But then Gustaf put a lot of effort into arrangement and production which added a lot of feeling and really made the song what it is.

5 —What message do you want to portray with the music video?

We’ve seen the rise and re-emergence of far-right forces throughout the western world for decades now and though the video displays what happened in Virginia last year, the song really is about the anxiety that is spreading across the world. It’s Guillem Duquette raging due to a world that seems to grow crazier by the hour. Hopefully, it encourages people to act. I think that’s what the song is about. It keeps giving the listener reasons to ‘listen, act and rage’.

6 — Do you feel this a protest song?

I guess so, but it is also a reminder for people not to get numbed down and blasé by all the craziness going on.

7 — Where did the song title “Charlottesville” come from?

It was created as a reaction to the events in Charlottesville, Virginia last August.

8 — If you guys could pick any sound in the world, what would be your favorite?

A kick drum.

9 — What’s the best show you’ve done so far? Where can we see you performing soon?

We did a gig in Stockholm, Sweden last weekend that was fantastic. Guillem Duquette came on an performed Charlottesville and we felt we really connected with the audience.

We will be performing in Toronto, Canada later this fall, but the venue is still a bit unclear. Happy to keep you posted.

10 — Finally, why we should listen to NIGHT’s music?

We always try to get a lot of details into the arrangement, and hopefully, the audience will find that when listening to our songs there will always be new nuances to discover.



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