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Must-See: “I Don’t Care” Lyric Video By Sunset Capone & Hoyamanban



Drawing inspiration from the 80s aesthetics, Sunset Capone and Hoyamanban drop the lyric video for “I Don’t Care. As expected, visuals filled with neon lights and bright fonts are so stimulating to watch.

The infusion of synths mixed with a smooth Rap flow strikes the attention of everyone. On top of that, the emo-like vocals of Sunset Capone give it an interesting hue, which marks a difference in contrast to mainstream music.

Produced by Cali Degnan, the emerging alternative artists deliver a song accompanied by its own story to tell. Somehow, “I Don’t Care” is spreading a message of self-empowerment, and it’s absolutely brilliant.

Sunset Capone

By the same token, “I Don’t Care” is the anthem you need to remind yourself that rumors won’t affect your love life. Not to mention, the chorus provides an extra boost of courage and determination.

The result is a tune catchy as hell. Especially, the whole vibe gets you into the right attitude.

So, what are you waiting for?… Crank up those speakers and get ready to sing along at the top of your voice from the comfort of your own place.

Definitely, these guys are putting New Jersey on the map with actual creative productions. 



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