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An Interview With A Promising Newcomer In Electronic Music, savnko



An Interview With A Promising Newcomer In Electronic Music, savnko
Newcomer producer savnko might be of your interest if you’re into underground music. He was instantly hooked by Electronica in his natal Italy as a teenager. Nowadays, he’s ready to launch his first debut EP, ‘Epic Arguments’. Basically, it’s a summary of atmospheres, and both bright and dark vibes experienced in his second home, the UK. He recreates all his feelings through ambient textures and subtle beats. Learn more below.

1 – How your perspective on music has changed since you moved to London?

When I started producing at the age of 14, my musical influences were mainly Techno from artists like Nina Kraviz, Riccardo Villalobos, etc.

When I moved to the UK at the age of 17, one of my roommates made me fond of vinyls which changed my prospect. I discovered many past and present artists I was not aware of.

Very soon I found myself totally immersed in this new world.

2 – Who were your childhood music heroes?

As a teen I used to listen to any kind of music, there was no Spotify or other sorts of streaming platforms where to get any music you want.

Coming from a small town on the outskirts of Milan, I had no possibility to visit music shops because they were far from my place, so the only thing I could do was to use emule, trying, out of thousands of titles, to find the audio track which sounded more similar to what I was looking for.

I remember I used to type the name of the artists which mostly captured my attention, from Kanye West to Motley Crue, they were some of my favorite.

3 – Are you musically influenced by them?

Sure, they are part of my various influences as well.

4 – Who taught you the art of producing electronica tracks?

As a boy, I used to DJ at school and friends’ parties. Once, a friend of mine showed me FL Studio and that was the first DAW I started working on, up to reaching my present level.

5 – What are some of your favorite studio plugins and tools that you can’t live without?

I have had for a couple of years a Korg prologue 16 and I am totally fond of it, but what I cannot do without is my TR08, the drum machine where my beats are from.

6 – Your new single “MUDBOY” feels so chill and dark. How is that possible?

“MUDBOY” is one of the songs I feel most in ‘Epic Arguments’ EP coming out on 14th March via Pitch the Noise.

My intention with this track is to put together all sensations and atmospheres I felt during my years in London.

There I was alone, with no parents and friends, I could reinvent myself, meet people with the same interests and passions and this leads me to have a dark sound even if you don’t have to consider it always as a synonymous of negativity.

7 – Are you willing to take this music direction on your next singles or something different?

I haven’t got a precise direction, I mainly try to flow with music and sensations I am feeling.

8 – Do you believe your style fits well with the video game or film industry?

I can say that I’d be surely happy to have cooperation generally in the arts field, making available my music for different kinds of ideas.

9 – Is it true that underground music sounds much better than mainstream? What’s your opinion about this dilemma?

I haven’t got a real opinion on the matter but I think every one of us has their own tastes which have to be respected,

10 – Finally, what excites you about the future of electronic music?

I like the mix of many genres and subgenres and the variety and interesting things that are coming out and the constant evolution in this world attract me more and more.



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Introducing Segan: Melodic DnB Producer Begins A New Chapter!



Drum & Bass breakthrough artist, Segan, just dropped an innovative new track that is unlike anything the young musician has released thus far in his meteoric three-year career. “In Your Arms” is now available on all streaming platforms.

Sam Segan, known as his stage name Segan, began making a splash in 2020 with his unforgettable remix for artist Tisoki. From there, a steady stream of singles followed as Segan established himself as an emerging talent in the drum & bass scene. His previous singles include “Champion,” “Attack Order,” and “Don’t Play.”

➤ Download/Stream

“In Your Arms” is among several singles the young artist has released, but it’s unlike anything fans have heard from the Los Angeles-based artist so far.

“I’m beyond excited to share my debut single, “In Your Arms,” Segan said. “This song begins a new chapter for my artist project where drum & bass and half time intersect with heavy danceable moments and emotional, memorable writing. In Your Arms is meant to scratch an itch you didn’t know was there and is the embodiment of where the Segan project is headed.” 

The nearly three-minute track certainly scratches that itch. The song draws listeners in with breathy vocals and atmospheric elements over an impossibly fast beat Segan fans will love. “In Your Arms” quickly takes listeners through several movements, eventually building to an impressive peak of energetic percussion before gracefully fading out in the end.

The fast pace isn’t new for Segan’s growing community of fans, but ‘In Your Arms’ evokes some deeper emotions through lyrical writing and composition that further displays Segan’s power and versatility as an artist. The voracious track is the perfect addition to Segan’s already impressive discography, and will certainly be appreciated by drum and bass fans looking to spice up their summer playlists.

Segan happens to be one of many artists in 2022 who are once again embracing the Drum & Bass genre as a whole, which is seeing a huge surge in popularity around the globe after it first debuted three decades ago in the UK. “In Your Arms” comes at the perfect time as listeners are discovering, or rediscovering, the inventive genre of electronic music.

Thanks to Segan’s comfortable foothold in the modern Drum & Bass space, the future is bright for Segan and his contagiously energetic tracks. Don’t be surprised to see even more from the emerging LA artist as Segan continues contributing to the movement that’s shaping America’s modern Drum & Bass scene as we know it.



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When You Feel Ambient Music Is So Relaxing… Listen To ‘Drone 1’



Ambient music
Shizo van de Sunflower
is known for his unique perspective on Electronica. In fact, he creates an impactful sonic landscape through experimental Ambient music. That being said, his album ‘Drone 1is a must-listen.

The Dresden-based artist is seeking to break away from the stress and depression caused by the global pandemic, the climate crisis, and the Ukraine war. On this basis, the sleek 8-track production provides sounds for deep relaxation.

In order to restore his mental balance, this project helped him cope with the tormented reality. As a result, such an exploratory sonic venture also invites listeners on an out-of-this-world getaway.

Most importantly, ‘Drone 1’ is available in vinyl format via Amazon.

Sonically speaking, Shizo van de Sunflower employs a deceleration formula, which reduces the overall speed of the beats progressively. What’s more, there are some interferences or glitchy electronic noises, giving greater originality to the whole textures.

Don’t underestimate the importance of taking time to breathe easily. Without a doubt, the ‘Drone 1’album is filled with hermetic tones that are perfect for chilling out.

Sometimes, you get so caught up in your life and what’s going on around you that you become overwhelmed and tense. The simple solution is to unwind and appreciate non-traditional music like the one stated above.



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International Producer Biicla Seeks Home And Comfort In ‘Yes Place’ EP



International singer-songwriter, and producer, Biicla makes a major return with his second full-length LP ‘Yes Place, via Good Luck Have Fun. Building up to the release with singles such as “Never be Mine” and “I’ll Be There”, the 10-track album is a showcase of the Russian producer’s creative versatility as he once again flourishes with his genre-blending talent.

Producer and multi-instrumentalist Biicla is a singer, songwriter, and at his very core, a creative. Expressing and exploring various boundaries in music, the global DJ has been developing his artistic presence in the dance music scene. Announcing his arrival with his debut LP, “No Place” in 2020, Biicla’s genre-blending ability has received critical praise from industry taste maskers such as Billboard,, Dancing Astronaut, BBC Radio, and more. Having left a bold and positive mark on the dance music community, the promising young DJ faces great optimism as he continues to fuel momentum in his career.

➤ Download/Stream

“For a few years, I have been thinking about where and how to move on. Constant trips alone, a new team, new friends, and endless thoughts in my head, as well as my first performances in America. All of this was like in the movies, and naturally it affected my music.

The album “No Place” was about finding myself and in 2022 I think I found myself. I just decided to create a light dance album for you that will touch you to the depths of your soul, because it is inspired by the new events and people I have met during this time. I share my fresh look at electronic music with you in this new album. Its full name was: “Yes! I think I found a place”, but I decided to shorten it and leave it to just “Yes Place” as opposed to the last album “No Place”.” — Biicla

A 10-track studio album, Yes Place is a full-on display of Biicla’s unique sound and indefinite musical capability. Facing a tremendous positive shift in his life and career, this collection of tracks shows obvious contrast in title with his previous LP, “No Place”. Previously named “Yes! I think I found a place”, the greater symbolic meaning behind the album is another attraction to be enjoyed by the fans. In the project itself, Biicla delivers a sonically diverse and entertaining project as he delves into different genres while still maintaining and constructing a cohesive and captivating sound. Featuring a wealth of inspiration and features from all over the electronic music spectrum, the combination of dynamic and creative sound design gives the project an original twist. Immersing listeners in an adventurous dance music playing field, features from artists like Rome in Silver and Kroy are pleasant guests as their stylistic and technical production further decorates the project. Continuing to build an exciting tracklist for his upcoming summer appearances, the original and extensive “Yes Place” by Biicla is an evident sign of his continuous growth as an artist and an individual.



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