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An Interview With A Promising Newcomer In Electronic Music, savnko



An Interview With A Promising Newcomer In Electronic Music, savnko
Newcomer producer savnko might be of your interest if you’re into underground music. He was instantly hooked by Electronica in his natal Italy as a teenager. Nowadays, he’s ready to launch his first debut EP, ‘Epic Arguments’. Basically, it’s a summary of atmospheres, and both bright and dark vibes experienced in his second home, the UK. He recreates all his feelings through ambient textures and subtle beats. Learn more below.

1 – How your perspective on music has changed since you moved to London?

When I started producing at the age of 14, my musical influences were mainly Techno from artists like Nina Kraviz, Riccardo Villalobos, etc.

When I moved to the UK at the age of 17, one of my roommates made me fond of vinyls which changed my prospect. I discovered many past and present artists I was not aware of.

Very soon I found myself totally immersed in this new world.

2 – Who were your childhood music heroes?

As a teen I used to listen to any kind of music, there was no Spotify or other sorts of streaming platforms where to get any music you want.

Coming from a small town on the outskirts of Milan, I had no possibility to visit music shops because they were far from my place, so the only thing I could do was to use emule, trying, out of thousands of titles, to find the audio track which sounded more similar to what I was looking for.

I remember I used to type the name of the artists which mostly captured my attention, from Kanye West to Motley Crue, they were some of my favorite.

3 – Are you musically influenced by them?

Sure, they are part of my various influences as well.

4 – Who taught you the art of producing electronica tracks?

As a boy, I used to DJ at school and friends’ parties. Once, a friend of mine showed me FL Studio and that was the first DAW I started working on, up to reaching my present level.

5 – What are some of your favorite studio plugins and tools that you can’t live without?

I have had for a couple of years a Korg prologue 16 and I am totally fond of it, but what I cannot do without is my TR08, the drum machine where my beats are from.

6 – Your new single “MUDBOY” feels so chill and dark. How is that possible?

“MUDBOY” is one of the songs I feel most in ‘Epic Arguments’ EP coming out on 14th March via Pitch the Noise.

My intention with this track is to put together all sensations and atmospheres I felt during my years in London.

There I was alone, with no parents and friends, I could reinvent myself, meet people with the same interests and passions and this leads me to have a dark sound even if you don’t have to consider it always as a synonymous of negativity.

7 – Are you willing to take this music direction on your next singles or something different?

I haven’t got a precise direction, I mainly try to flow with music and sensations I am feeling.

8 – Do you believe your style fits well with the video game or film industry?

I can say that I’d be surely happy to have cooperation generally in the arts field, making available my music for different kinds of ideas.

9 – Is it true that underground music sounds much better than mainstream? What’s your opinion about this dilemma?

I haven’t got a real opinion on the matter but I think every one of us has their own tastes which have to be respected,

10 – Finally, what excites you about the future of electronic music?

I like the mix of many genres and subgenres and the variety and interesting things that are coming out and the constant evolution in this world attract me more and more.



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