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Interview | Questions & Answers With 2pole



Interview | Questions & Answers With 2pole
The new interview with 2pole provides many interesting details about how they work together as a duo and more… It’s incredible to know these music producers are quickly gaining notoriety after their Techno hit “Dopamine” hit the charts. Below they will tell you their own story!    

1 – When did the formation of 2pole come about?

Marcus: We met three years ago. I asked Mark to do a remix for my label “Yes We Can”. He delivered a nice EP package too. Afterwards, we talked a via phone about music and audio gear. This was the beginning of 2pole. Our workflow and musical taste are quite the same. So it is really easy to explain our music to each other and to collaborate on tracks.

2 – Besides Techno, what other things have inspired your work?

Mark: We are musically open-minded. We both are working as music producers for several acts and different music genres. That’s great for our own work, nice influences of course. But next to this we both like all kind of analog synth and new inspiring audio software, which gives us always a great starting point to new tracks.

Marcus: We both do that job as our main work. In our free time we have or family, friends and a lot of hobbies and sports, which help us to get down again and free our minds to new ideas. This is really the most important thing!

3 – How do you reach an agreement while working together in the studio?

Marcus: Most of the time we do not work together in one studio. That’s because Mark is based near Hannover (Germany) and my studio is based near Mainz (Germany). In between, we have to drive about 450 kilometers… But we are lucky to have two studios. We are facetiming a lot and we are using Dropbox as a shared folder for our studio Macs. This works really well!

Mark: But 3-4 times in a year I travel to Marcus’ studio because he has got everything from analog gear, outboard to software stuff and real instruments. In this case, we work together next to each other for a week on new layouts. But we do not need any agreement. We both know a lot to handle Ableton Live (our main DAW) and how to design sounds with synthesizers. It’s a great division of labor.

2pole interview
4 – What is probably the best equipment you have in the studio?

Marcus: Oh! That’s a tough question for me. I’m an audio hardware nerd. But I really like my Moog Voyager, TR-909 (of course!), all my Elektron gear, Ableton Push, modular system, UAD, Softube, and Fabfilter plugins, next to the rest in my studio.

Mark: For me, it’s my new Novation Peak and my analog Ashley compressors. It’s an all-round synthesizer I use in every project for basses, leads and pad sounds. On the software side, I work with Ableton Live and a lot of soft synth like U-He Repro1/5, Softube, and Fabfilter plugins.

5 – Have you ever worked as independent producers on separate projects?

Marcus: Of course. I started in the late nineties on some ambient and chill out projects. This brought me to work for broadcasting companies. 2008 I started a Techno project Broombeck, which got very successful with my first two tracks “The Clapper” and “Mono Turn”. I got remix requests of Monika Kruse for example and started a live tour at Berghain in Berlin. Next to this, I’m doing a lot of music for other artists.

Mark: My most successful project was “Mark Deutsche”. I worked together with my friend “Musoe” and had chart-topping releases on Noir Recordings and Senso Sounds. Timo Maas is one of my clients, who gets tracks of my studio.

6 – I declare myself a fan of your chart-topping track “Dopamine”. Please tell us a bit about its creative process.

Mark: Thanks a lot for being a fan of it! We are really proud to be in Beatport Techno Top20 for about four weeks in a row with that track!

Now back to your question, I started this song with drum sounds Marcus created on his analog drum machines. After sound designing the main drum loops and background sounds, I finished a raw arrangement and mix of the track. Then I dropped the project folder into our shared Dropbox.

Marcus: And this was the time to undertake the idea of Mark. I tried to rearrange things, added mini breaks and worked on the main break. I thought, that there was something missing, and I played an arpeggio melody over it. For this, I used a sound of my Novation Peak, which got filtered until the drop. After this, it was mostly done and I went on to do the final mix.

7 – Did you foresee the success of “Dopamine”?

Mark: Absolutely not! The label boss of Transmit, DJ Boris, signed our tracks just before we all met at Amsterdam Dance Event in 2017. The tracks we sent to him were a bit “too techno” for his imprint and how Boris feels his label. But we and Rena, the label manager, thought that it could be a nice experiment, which was a good idea afterward. All of our tracks of the EP went into Beatport Techno Top 100 after two days and the main track “Dopamine” is still in Top 30. We are absolutely overwhelmed by the support of so many well-known artists and fans around the world.

2pole dopamine
8 – What other Techno songs produce dopamine in your brains?

Mark: At the moment we really like tracks of the labels Second State, Token, Afterlife, Tronic, Phobiq and similar sounds.

Marcus: I’m listening a lot to ambient stuff at home and in my studio, which is a nice inspiration to start new Techno tracks. I really like Aparat at the moment. We’ve got some ambient music as free download tracks on our 2pole SoundCloud page. Feel free to listen and share!

9 – What’s the best club in your homeland? Why?

Marcus: I think there is no best club. It’s all about music and the vibe which floats around! hahahaha! that’s a nice sentence… Yes, that’s true. It doesn’t matter how big or small a club is or how many people are involved to that party. Hands up moments are welcome everywhere!

10 – Can you reveal secret details of your upcoming release?

Mark: Of course! We got a new EP released on February 5th on Hydrozoa. It’s a two-tracker called “Falling Down” EP. The next one is a new EP on Phobiq in the beginning of March.

Marcus: Oh yes! And then we have another EP Tronic coming end of March, which will be followed by a remix EP of the collaboration tracks of Christian Smith & 2pole. In May we are happy to announce our first EP on Bush Records. On top of that we are working with Jam El Mar, DJ Boris and Misstress Barbara on new collaboration EPs. And we’ve got some nice secrets waiting to be confirmed! As you can see, we are working hard in our studios at the moment. Check our pages to get all the news and stuff.

Mark: Thanks for having us to this nice interview!



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