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Interview | Questions & Answers With Oliver Nelson & Tobtok



Interview | Questions & Answers With Oliver Nelson & Tobtok

Recently, I took the opportunity to interview Oliver Nelson & Tobtok. These creative DJs from Sweden joined forces for a fantastic Nu-Disco version of Nena’s “99 Red Balloons”. Get as much information as you can about this new project exclusively here!

1 – Where do you live and how would you describe the dance music scene in your hometown?

We live in a city called Uppsala, which is about 40 mins from the capital of Stockholm. The dance music scene isn’t really big here unfortunately. Uppsala is famous for having the biggest university in Sweden, so the club-scene here is based around the students which seem to be more interested in booze than music hehe. We have a few friends though here who are arranging some great student-nights like “Chic” which is a disco-themed club that we always go to if we’re in town!

2 – How did the idea of a remake of Nena’s classic hit “99 Luftballons” came about?

We were brainstorming ideas for a cover with our manager who suggested 99 and we both thought it was a very interesting idea and had a crack at it!

3 – How different is “99 Red Balloons” from the original version?

It’s very different but has a similar vibe we’d say. We made what is more of a punk-pop tune into a dance-record but tried to maintain the 80’s vibe in the production. We used the original vocals as well as the main bassline but revamped it into the lead-melody in our version!

4 – BTW I’m loving the vocals. Is this the first time you collaborate with River? Are you interested in doing more vocal tracks with her?

We’ve both made tracks with her before and she’s kinda like family for us! We’ll definitely do more tunes with her!

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5 – How do current trends in electronic music, weigh into your music production process?

Well, we always get inspired by new music but doesn’t strive to copy or sound like everyone else. The key is to be inspired by trends in music but put in into a new context. We’ve always worked in a certain way and together we try to use unusual and vintage synths or sounds but use them in a modern way which in our opinion usually makes things more interesting!

6 – How would you describe your music style in just three words.

Happy, Detailed and Groovy.

7 – Are you touring together this year? If yes, can you give us more details?

We’re gonna play together this summer but it’s too early to give out any further details!

8 – What’s your favorite part of DJing live?

To see all the people enjoy themselves and to make people happy with your music!

9 – How good or bad is to download music for free?

There are both good and bad sides to it. We’ve done a few free-download releases for exposure-purposes which can be very good. It’s a very difficult market right now though where all income comes from streaming etc. and in the end, this is how we pay our bills so everything counts.

10 – After the release of “99 Red Balloons” what’s the next project you are excited about pursuing?

We have two more tracks together which we are very excited about! Both will be released this year so stay tuned! 🙂


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