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Interview | Questions & Answers With AstroVoyager



If you’re looking for synth-based music, look no further than AstroVoyager. The French Producer is known as the pioneer of an original style called Electro-Symphonic. That said, most of his shows feature a live orchestra and different musicians, where organic and electronic textures melt together. Get to know him through this short interview!

1 – Hi AstroVoyager, welcome to Electro Wow. How’s it going?

Hi Electro Wow! I’m fine thank you. I just finished my series of summer concerts, with beautiful memories and happy meetings.

2 — When did you start producing & how did you come up with the unique name AstroVoyager?

I have been producing music since the 90’s & in the early 2000’s, I wanted to create my own personal musical universe. Boarding the listener into my spatio-temporal capsule, to travel through time and space together. AstroVoyager was born!

3 — Let’s talk about your track, “Tomorrow Is A Mystery”. What’s the message behind the single?

You only live once… So, live in the moment, head off and let yourself be guided by the light of your star…

4 – How did you and Jean-Paul Flores come around to the collaboration?

When looking for a male voice for my song, I asked Ludo Mantion (my recording sound engineer) if he knew somebody. He responded; ‘For your song, Jean-Paul of course’!. Jean-Paul is a famous French guitarist & he’s played for French stars, such as Jacques Higelin & Brigitte Fontaine – he is also an excellent singer.

5 — What would you describe your signature sound as?

Let’s say ‘Electro-Symphonic’ – gradually merging my synthesizers with instruments, from a full orchestra to create an electronic symphony.

astrovoyager interview
6 — Do you have a favourite synthesiser? If so, which & can you tell us why?

I’ve been a Korg Kronos synths addict for many years, because of their sound and also the feeling that it’s still musical instruments and not computers. And now Korg also returned to the analog market, fantastic…

7 — And finally, what can people expect from AstroVoyager in the upcoming months?

In the upcoming months, I’m working on new EPs – including new exclusive remixes taken from my Big Bang project, recorded with the Prague Concert Philharmonic… And also new live experiences!



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