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Interview | Questions & Answers With Dan B



Interview | Questions & Answers With Dan B
Danila Borisov aka Dan B is part of the EDM duo WE-A-RE, a pair of DJs who are currently making a huge name in the Russian music scene. Well, during this interview he spoke about the beginning of his artistic career, interesting details about the WE-A-RE project and personal thoughts in general. Read this interview right now, you’ll discover there’s pure talent within him!

1 – How did the duo WE-A-RE form?

We met with a partner at a party in the fall of 2015. He played his set and I came to the rest and I heard the similar tracks from himself. The next party I played with him back to back, our views coincided in terms of music and life, with each party I felt more and more that we are going to be great duo project – WE-A-RE.

2 – Do you have a separate solo project as a music producer?

Early in my career, I had several solo projects on which I made tracks for two years. Through these projects, I became more experienced in terms of production, and many other organizational issues, that pushed us to create WE-A-RE. Now and in the near future tracks from the solo project.

3 – Who do you take inspiration from?

Most of the time I try to get inspired by anything. It can be a movie, a piece of music, love or just a feeling inside of me. The main and strongest inspiration I believe is the relationship.

4 – What’s the best part of DJing live?

The best moment was my first serious tour of the Sochi Music festival weekend. While there I was so glad that I am surrounded by such professionals and famous artists who I listened to when I was in school. Got unforgettable emotions and energy. These events are very important for the development of electronic dance music in the country and I am proud that I became part of this.

5 – How did your latest single come together? Describe its recording process.

I began work on “Catch The Stars” two years ago, but I needed an experienced man who was willing to help me with it, that person turned out to be my good friend from Italy – Andy Wild. I sent him a project and we immediately started to work on the track but we understood that we need a vocal in our song and we started to look for singers. I always liked Paul Aiden’s voice and we sent a demo to Paul and he liked it. He was the perfect choice for this record. We released this song on Arcadia Records on September 19th. I am very happy that I got a chance to work with such cool guys. The result of our efforts you can hear right now.

6 – Are you planning to release a music video anytime soon?

I have plans on releasing a music video, but at the moment work is not conducted. I don’t want a typical music video, I want something unique and show their deep and beautiful story. I think soon the time will come when we will be able to make it.

7 – Who are you listening to these days?

I spend a lot of time listening and downloading new music. I usually start with Techno or Deep House tracks in the morning, then in the afternoon I usually listen to Progressive House and Grove House and at the evening can be so hard Bass House and classical music. My favorite albums are: Steve Angello ‘Wild Youth’, Daft Punk ‘Alive 2007’, Swedish House Mafia ‘Until Now’, and Dirty South ‘With You’.

8 – What has been your best collaboration experience so far?

Of course with Andy Wild & Paul Aiden. This was a very coordinated and fast work, these guys have huge talent. Each of them knows their job and does it efficiently. I would like to work with them again.

9 – What’s the best EDM club in Russia you will recommend to us?

The best club of Russia, in my opinion, was Space Moscow, it was the main EDM club in the country. In this club played a lot of the best DJs of the planet, each set there was a show. When I came there for the first time I felt in love with it at the first sight. In that year at a student party, I got to play there and I was so excited. Recently it was closed for reasons which are unknown to me, but I hope very soon to receive something like that.

10 – What are your goals for 2017?

Right now I focus on a lot of new music. I’m trying to bring a lot of new influences into my tracks. This year, we’ll have our parties and hope that we will open our school where everyone can come and unleash their talents, together we can do anything!



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