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Interview | Questions & Answers With Delusive Relics



delusive relics
Delusive Relics
are a new music duo originally trained as Rock musicians who describe their music as a perfect blend of Synthpop, Electro Pop, Dark Ambient, Trip-hop, EBM, Industrial and of course, Electronic Rock. Their musical fusion has led them to have a refreshing take on electronic music and it shows through their debut release “A Woman’s Diary”. Below, they talk us through how the track was made and their creative process as a duo.

1 — What was the inspiration behind A Woman’s Diary?

Anis: We are both Originally from Iran. In Iran, there are many restricted rules for women, and one of them is mandatory vail or hijab. Earlier this year, around January 2018 a lady who was tired of hijab, went on one of the busiest streets in Tehran and took off her hijab (scarf) and put it in on a stick and stood on a telephone box. This became a symbol of resistance to mandatory hijab, and she started a movement in Iran against the mandatory hijab. After Frank and I watched the video of that event, we started thinking about writing a song about women’s right in Iran and the rest of the globe. Then, the outlet became “A Woman’s Diary”.

2 — What is the creative process?

Frank: Usually, I start thinking about a subject or a theme and then based on that I start working on a song or album. The second album is based on “Sadegh Hedayat” novel called “Blind Owl”. Sadegh Hedayat was a great writer in Iran. His book has a dark and surreal fantasy story. The book is my inspiration for my next project.

3 – Do you work together coming up with songs or it is split between music and lyrics?

Frank: For “A Woman’s Diary” it came from that movement but most of the time I start working on the song and after that, I or Anis will write the lyrics.

4 — What software do you use to create your tracks?

Frank: As DAW, I usually use Sonar and FL studio for recording and Ableton Live for the gigs. I use the Windows operating system. Also, I use many VSTs on my songs for example: Native Instrument or Arturia.

Delusive Relics
5 – How long does it normally take for you to finish the song?

Frank: It depends on my mood. I cannot say an exact time but the shortest time is 3 days and the longest is around 3 months.

6 — How do you overcome writers’ block?

Frank: Time is the best solution to overcome writers’ block. Sometimes listening to a new music or movie can help. Also, on many occasions, I have talked to Anis about it and she helped me to overcome the difficulty.

7 — When do you know a track is finished?

Frank: Once I think I finished all the aspects of the song, I usually stop working on it for a couple of days. After several days I go back and listen to the song again, then more ideas come to my mind. I edit the song for one last time. After that I save the final version, then I can tell the song is complete.

8 — Do you usually base your songs on stories or theme?

Frank: I usually work around a theme but sometimes I work on stories too, for instance, “A Woman’s Diary”.

9 — Do you have any tips for musician out there?

Anis: Never give up! There are always complications in every aspect of life. As we all know, with internet downloads, live streaming and other available technologies, the path of music is very challenging and difficult but I believe if you follow your instinct and passion, there will be a satisfactory outcome.

10 — Where can we go to find more of your music?


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