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Interview | Questions & Answers With Greg Campbell



Interview | Questions & Answers With Greg Campbell
I am very happy to know that there are still innovative artists that bring new ideas to the table. Well, that’s the case of DJ Greg Campbell whose radio show breaks the traditional schemes of mixing. Discover more below.

1 – With over 20 years in the music industry, what has been the most drastic change you have experienced as a DJ?

Definitely the internet and digital technology. Also the way social media has to be used to make it as an artist.

2 – How do you feel about the underground club scene going on right now?

I honestly think that in America due to the fact that Electronic Music is getting so popular and mainstream, that actually opens up more doors for creative “underground” minded people or club promoters, to do something different. While New York and Los Angeles have always had a dominating club scene, other cities such as Denver and Houston have exploded over the past few years. Mexico City is my current favorite though. Its a very special place to perform for me.

3 – If you have to choose between House or Techno, which genre would you prefer to play?

My sound is very driven, sometimes a bit of an acid house vibe in my opening tracks, but my sets are ultimately techno. I like to build and build the vibe creating peaks, valleys, and ecstacy moments with my method of blending.

4 – Turntables or CDJs which are more professional for a DJ?

Theres nothing more professional than creating a great story with your music. That can be done with either.

dj greg campbell
5 – We know you have started a new project this year, The Data Transmission Radio Show. What makes it unique and different?

Yes my radio mix program, which airs on London based Data Transmission the first Friday of each month. It is called Full Flavour Radio and I have just introduced a synthesizer, my Moog DFAM into each performance. This allows me to blend in patterns and perform “live remixes” on top of each track I am spinning.

6 – How does the idea of implementing a Moog DFAM synth originated?

One of my strengths in music is working a synthesizer, specifically with programming and sequencing. The sequencer on this Moog DFAM has a small amount of steps, and each step has two of my favorite contols, pitch and velocity. I can come up with some crazy out of this world sounds from this thing, and they are constantly looping around in the sequence. I thought to myself why not add this synth into my DJ setup and really deliver a unique live performance/DJ show? No one else is doing this.

greg campbell interview
7 – I noticed you reside in Las Vegas, why is this radio show based in London?

London based broadcasting company Data Transmission Radio have been following me for a while so when they reached out and asked if I would be interested in giving them a monthly mix show I was honored to be on board. They have a massive network of listeners all over UK and Europe so I jumped on this opportunity.

8 – How can we stream the Data Transmission Radio Show?

You can listen live, the first Friday of each month from 9-10 pm London time. Data Transmission will post a listen again link to their website and to my SoundCloud, usually on the following Monday.

9 – So far, what has been the feedback from your fans and colleagues?

Im truly blown away and I interact with as many listeners as I can on my socials but on SoundCloud the comments get interesting. I’ve been compared to Laurent Garnier and Danny Tenaglia, no joke. Also I just read another interesting one saying “superb tight skilled set with brutal kicks and nasty elements”. Very clever choice of words right there. Im very humbled with all of the great feedback, high listening numbers and my growing fanbase. My followers are some of the coolest, musically educated, techno music fans and I am lucky to have them. It feels great to be inspiring others.

10 –On another note, do you have plans to release a new single or EP this year?

Funny you ask because yes I do. My upcoming single is called “Maze Running” and I wrote it using my Moog DFAM, very tech sounding and funky. Its out May 16 as a Beatport exclusive. Mexico/South America DJ tour dates are lined up for the summer in support of the release. Stay tuned and follow!



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