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Interview | Questions & Answers With Acting Natural



Interview | Questions & Answers With Acting Natural
In this interview with the NYC-based band Acting Natural, we explore all the details about their new hit, “Nicole”. A beautiful soft-rock anthem at its finest!

1 – Firstly, can you tell us how the band was formed?

– We all went to the same middle school and started playing together when we were about 12 or 13 years old. I remember going home one day and drafting out on a piece of paper a few different songs the group could cover and prospects of who I could get to join the band. The next day I brought it in to class and showed it to a friend named Joel that I would talk music with. Sure enough, he joined and then we went on to get the rest of the guys. I would always listen to music and jam with JD, who played the bass guitar. Naturally, he fell into place. We still needed a drummer and the one we wanted (Jesse) was already in another band… So we found another guy by the name of Travis, he played with us for a few months until we finally sucked it up and asked Jesse to join. We were a 4 piece for a few years until Joel moved away and we became the trio that you see here today! We really started to take the band seriously at that point and pursue a career in music.

2 – In what sense is the band acting naturally?

I’d say we are just being who we are as people and as musicians…Writing, recording, and performing.

3 – How would you describe the sound of your new song “Nicole”?

“Nicole” has a really nice vibe to it for me… Kinda dreamy, flowing instruments and some smooth vocals that tell a good story. A lot of people have described the song as having a timeless essence to it, which I thought was a pretty cool compliment.

acting natural interview
4 – Can you reveal to us who really is “Nicole”?

Absolutely not! (Laughs)

5 – When I saw your latest music video the first thing that came to my mind was The Beatles. How much do you admire this legendary band?

Definitely huge fans of them… They really pioneered music from songwriting to recording and beyond. There is such a special quality to their music that really touches the soul. We inspire to channel some of that energy into the popular music of today and incorporate that influence with some the latest sounds in music.

6 – What do you hope listeners take away from listening to this track?

I hope they like it! I hope it brings them a good feeling and they can relate to their own Nicole.

7 – What awards are you proud to have won?

This track was nominated for the best rock song of 2017 by the HMMA Awards.

8 – Do you think self-promotion is something really hard to do as an indie band?

It definitely can be… You have almost all of the tools these days to do so, but you really have to stay on top of it and treat it like a business. Its easy for groups to be naturally preoccupied with the music side of things and let the promo suffer. You have to find the right balance.

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9 – Is touring still the best way to promote yourself? Do you have any upcoming live shows?

I think connecting with a live audience is for sure one of the best ways to gain new fans. That connection live is something people can really hold on to. Being on tour and doing that night after night is a sure way of promotion as long as you have a strong live presence and can get in front of some decent crowds. Playing live is really one of our most favorite things to do…I believe we have a show coming up here in New York City towards the end of this month! Check out our social pages to see where/when we will be next.

10 – What is next for Acting Natural?

Right now we are writing a bunch of new music that we are super excited about. Currently, we are in the studio here in NY and out in LA. Once we finished recording we will be hitting the road and hope to see you at a show!



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