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Interview | Questions & Answers With Harry Braddock



Interview | Questions & Answers With Harry Braddock
Read our interview with the young music producer Harry Braddock and listen to the preview of his brand new EP ‘#Discovery’. He keeps a cool style that revolves around House music in a very versatile manner. More info below!

1 – How did you first get into music production?

I grew up in a house where my parents had a very eclectic taste in music and I listened to a lot of music because of them and developed a strong interest in all music. I also played instruments following classical training so music has always been a part of my life. I also have a strong interest in technology and so the combination of the two interests led to music production.

2 – Who are your biggest influences?

Definitely Gorgon City, Disclosure & Blonde they’ve always got a great project on the go. Although I don’t outright say to myself “I want to sound like ‘them’.” they probably sub-consciously influence my music to a degree.

3 – Is your signature sound focused mostly on House music?

For the most part, yes. I will only get on board a musical project if I know I will enjoy working on it. House is what I enjoy producing the most and so it seems natural to focus on House music. But like I say, I will get on board with projects of other genres so long as I know I’ll enjoy the time I will spend working on it – I recently produced a Hip-Hop track for ‘Milver’. He’s really cool so you should check him out.

Harry Braddock interview
4 – Does the title of your new LP ‘#Discovery’ carry any meaning?

#Discovery has two meanings really. The way in which I intended was to share the process I’d been through to ‘Discover’ how to make different sub-genres of House – which you hear on the LP. But an unintentional meaning is how I’ve been to different parts of the world to record sounds for the project. And so in that sense, it can be taken as me ‘Discovering’ the world.

5 – What are the most significant aspects of the long player you’re most proud of?

I’m super proud of the fact that I’ve gone out of my way to record things in the real world and turn them into music. “Manchester” is a great example of this – there’s workmen in there, trams and pigeons!

6 – Who are the vocalists that collaborated with you on the project?

Apart from “It’s All on You” – which was a vocal by Kate Wild – all the vocals have been a result of me writing them and then finding the right person to perform the vocal. For “Burnin” I actually found a talented voice-over artist who does a lot of work for film/TV narration. None of the vocals have been recorded by somebody who is a singer for a living – I quite like that DIY aspect of the project.

7 – Which is the most laid back track from ‘#Discovery’? And, conversely, which is the most upfront & club focused?

In my opinion, “Ocean” is the most laid back – it was inspired by beach clubs and is really just meant to make you chill. “Burnin” is definitely the most club-focused cut in the LP. It seems to be getting a lot of love from DJs at the moment.

8 – How long did it take you to produce all ten cuts?

About a year. There were lots of other tracks that didn’t make it which took up a lot of time. But I’d say it’s a good 2 weeks of solid work, per track.

9 – And finally, what advise would you give to aspiring producers, who are just starting their own journey?

The best advice I could give is just do you. If you like what you do there’s going to be other people in the world who will too – go out and find those people!



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