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Interview | Questions & Answers With Josh Collins



Josh Collins
Straight to the point, Josh Collins shares his thoughts about his artistic career. I also asked him about his acoustic chilled out ballad, “Hold You Back”, whose music video offers spectacular views of a natural landscape. Learn more below, I swear you’ll like it.

1 —In one sentence, can you tell us who is Josh Collins?

26-year-old singer/songwriter/producer from London. I write the theme toon sing the theme toon.

2 — What do you prefer city life or freedom and nature?

Probably say a bit of both. Everything in moderation.

3 — Where did you get the inspiration to write all your songs?

Anything. It could be through instrumentation like a chord progression, melody, bass line. But can also be through reflections of your own emotions like family/relationships.

4 — What is your ideal when it comes to music collaborations?

I’d love to work with Jamie Woon, he’s awesome.

Josh Collins Interview
5 — As an artist, you have been described by BBC6 Tom Robinson as having “lovely vocals, and sharp lyrics”. What else set you apart from other singers?

I don’t try and compete with others so its tough question for me to answer. I have made music for myself and have been fully focused on honing my skill set and challenging myself to create new ideas. Even if it does make me feel uncomfortable!

6 — How long was the whole production process of your new single “Hold You Back”?

Hold You Back was written about a year before it came out in November 2017. The video was filmed over 3 days but the whole music video process took months to complete.

7 — What is this song truly about?

It’s about love and my relationship.

8 — Where did you shoot the music video?

In the Lake District, North-West England.

9 — What can we expect from your next single?

I’ve got about 3/4 ideas all of which are different. As the autumnal season has hit us I find myself playing around with open tunings and folk. However, I have a single ready to go which is a powerful upbeat indie throwback. I think people will enjoy its vibe.

10 — Lastly, what has been your biggest success so far?

Having awesome support around me, always.



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