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Interview | Questions & Answers With Lejon



lejon interview
Get to know London’s hottest new Electro Pop duo, Lejon. Charlie and Laurence share the same passion for electronic music, leading them to make full use of their creativity by taking part of a joint project. Somehow, I find a strong influence of synthesized music from the 80s in their productions. Find out much more about them, including their latest single “I Won’t Talk” in this exclusive interview.

1 – Do you remember the day you met each other?

C – It was about 7 years ago; I’d been playing drums for a blues artist who’d decided he wanted to add keys to the lineup, and turned up with Laurence to the rehearsal studio one day. We hit it off straight away! From there we both went onto session with various different artists together for a few years until one day Loz got me down to his open mic in Ealing, West London and played the first iteration of a Lejon song, which eventually turned into ‘If’, our third single. I was sold from that day and we’ve been producing and writting together as Lejon since then.
L – Nearly 7 years ago. It was a bleak damp day in Brent Cross. I saw Charlie across the room of dank, dark studio. It stunk but it was fine; we escaped for smoke breaks, go out and shoot the breeze over a cigarette and talk about our interests and what we were going to play.

2 – Since when did you have a passion for synths and Electro Pop melodies?

C – My love of all things synth started relatively late. Growing up I was always much more into rock music so guitars and big loud drums were my thing! Once I hit university and started studying production a lot more, I found the endless sounds and tones you can get from synthesis fascinating. That’s also the time I started listening to a lot more electronic music, and trying to recreate some of the sounds I was hearing.
L – My Ex got me into electronic music. I used to be a heavy jazz, funk and soul kid then discovered bridges between them and electronic. I think Jai Paul was my gateway drug.

3 – Personally, I think Laurence has a similar vocal range to Rick Astley, which is awesome. Have you ever been compared to him before?

L – No mate, have you..?

C – Ha! Actually, we usually get either Dan from Bastille or Michael McDonald!

L – Last week a well-known singer described us as “Years and Years meets Spandaux Ballet” which is what I think the world needs right now. 😉

lejon duo london
4 – Let’s talk about your new single “I Won’t Talk”. How does it feel to have it out? How many hours did you spend in the studio?

C – It feels great to have it out! We’ve had it in our live set for the best part of a year now, so to finally have it finished and out there is great. Loz actually brought it as an almost fully formed song to the studio one day, so from there producing it up didn’t take that long (maybe 3 or so studio days). The longest bit turned out to be the mix stage, as our mix engineer Chris Hewitt from LA Sound Studios spent days tweaking the final mix – I’ve never seen so much automation in 2.5 minute tune!
L – Stoked, it’s a breakthrough in a new direction for us. It’s a testimony to how we’ve matured with writing, can’t wait for next year. “I Won’t Talk” was one of those songs that happened very quickly, I was alone in the studio one night and it just spilled out. I called a guitarist that same evening to come round and do all the string parts. The song sorta wrote itself when I look back on it. Ace when that happens.

5 – Why did you pick the song title “I Won’t Talk”?

L – Do you mean what’s the song about? I won’t talk I guess is a love letter to my past but from the “other” perspective. Whether or not it’s accurate is in rhetoric for the time being. None of us are perfect and I feel ‘I Won’t Talk’ is a vessel for that.

6 – Do you have plans to release an official music video?

C – Something is on the way…

7 – Are you already collecting new ideas for your next song? If that’s the case please tell us more!

C – We’ve got our next 3 single ready to go, so look out for them over the coming months. Beyond that we’re already writing our next collection of songs, this time trying to do some more writing with other people. We’ve just had a wicked couple of days writing with New York electro heads ‘French Horn Rebellion’ and have plans for more co-writes in the coming months too.
L – I’m always jotting stuff down. The next challenge is to write with other people which we’ve recently embarked on.

lejon music
8 – We know you have experienced excellent live shows in your homeland. Have you also performed internationally?

C – Only once, where we were invited by The Bearded Man/Armada to perform at Amsterdam Dance Event 2016. We ended up playing at The Melkveg on the Saturday night of the festival as part of the ‘Lost Frequencies and Friends’ night, playing alongside people like Jan Blomqvist and Pablo Nouvelle. Still one of our favourite gigs we’ve ever done. We’d love to go back and perform in Europe more in particular – European crowds have such a passion for the kind of music we make.

9 – What is the link that currently exists between you and the Armada imprint, The Bearded Man?

C – Nothing current. We only signed a three single deal with them, which covered our last three releases. For the foreseeable future we’re self-releasing our music via AWAL, the distribution partner for Kobalt Music. So far we love doing it this way – it’s a lot more work, but it’s worth it as it allows us to completely dictate everything we want to do and when. It’s great that artists can now be in complete control of their own music and careers.

10 – Last off, is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

C – Thank you for all the support you’ve shown us over the last three years. We genuinely couldn’t do it without people listening to and loving our music and what we do, so thank you.



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