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A Look Back At Enzo Sprigg’s Electro Pop Album ‘Television Graveyard’



Enzo Sprigg album review
Composing music is just one of the many artistic activities carried out by Enzo Sprigg. Last year, after having reviewed his album ‘Cosmic Bipolar Nebula,’ you and I felt pretty much satisfied with almost all the Electro-Pop songs. Therefore I decided to look back at his music catalog, where I found another material with sonic surprises, called ‘Television Graveyard’. Launched in 2015, Enzo demonstrates a fascination for experimenting with electronic music. Broadly speaking, this album features a total of 12 tunes, where heavy/spooky synths are the primary element. Not to mention, distorted sound effects that bring to mind badly damaged televisions, which in some way referred to the album’s imaginative title. Add to that original lyrics with a dark undertone. Making himself known as an artist with a daring imagination. Definitely, a must-listen!

On the other hand, the first track, “Television Graveyard” is a favorite among fans. He delivers an interesting pace, which combines driven industrial-tinged textures and noise machines. But I think what I liked about it the most is that I can feel the emotion through his vocals. Check out the illustrated visuals below and see the transformation of Enzo into a superhero. Followed by a small Q&A to get to know more about this intriguing project.

1 – Looking back on this previous album, what were you trying to accomplish musically with Television Graveyard?

At the time I really wanted that album to be a vast departure from my first record. I wanted to blend synthpop style songwriting with a much more course, almost harsh and stripped-down music production. Sometimes electronic music can feel a bit too sterile so I wanted to avoid that. Conversely, so I wanted the songwriting to be more accessible and lyrically memorable. Songs like Slick Disaster and Television Graveyard are good examples of the sound I wanted the album to have.

2 – Is it true that you hand drew and animated the Television Graveyard music video entirely on your own? Can you explain that process more?

Being an artist by trade, animating one of my music videos was a dream of mine. I was worried that the workload would overwhelm me though. Then I figured I would just use my Samsung note phone to draw all the elements. I tend to draw on it a lot when I have spare time so that worked out well. I would do the drawings when I had a spare moment and then I’d animate and sequence the elements when there was hope. I was going for a rough, undergrown comic feel. I felt it would express the pirate radio station feel of TVG so well. I’m really happy with how it came out and I’m hoping to do part two of the story in the future.

3 – What did you learn from making Television Graveyard that helped you with making your latest album, Cosmic Bipolar Nebula?

Enzo: Well I think every album teaches you a great deal about music production and recording. Secondly, just finishing a record gives you a lot more confidence that you can keep the creative process going. Television Graveyard did both those things for me. That album was also a very external album lyrically. I wrote about people and situations outside of myself. I think that’s what lead me to write more internally on Cosmic Bipolar Nebula. I wanted to continue the catchy songcraft of TVG but go more personal and deeper with the current album. In hindsight I’m proud of each album, mainly because they can stand on their own, show growth and feel like a progression. That’s all I could ever hope for.



By Erick Ycaza

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