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Interview | Questions & Answers With Rocco Bene



Interview | Questions & Answers With Rocco Bene

Rocco Bene returns with a remix EP for his emotionally charged single “Have The Faith”. There’s a wide variety of versions based on House music, carrying this out with the support of Laurentius, Jochen Simms, and Ruffloaderz. In this exclusive interview, the Australian artist has given his thoughts about this project and a lot more…

1 – What do you love most about your current artistic lifestyle?

The freedom to write, collaborate and to lay your cards out for your story to be told.

2 – What makes your brand new single “Have The Faith” so emotionally charged?

“Have The Faith” was written at a time when my life was turned upside down during the writing process my mum was in hospital fighting for her life. My manager Bec, myself and my best friend/flat mate Jason were at my place during the day writing the track and smashed it out feeling so positive.

rocco bene have the faith
I knew that my mate Jason was down that day but he was grateful that he was there and 4 weeks later he ended his life. Death should inspire to live your truth and make the most of the one life you have – Have the faith.

3 – We’re fans of the music video and all those visual effects. Where was it filmed? Was it a fun experience?

It was filmed in Bowrall, Sydney NSW. Two days away shooting in the county side it was beautiful, freezing lol and everyone was ready to head home Ha-Ha. To be honest most of the footage shown in the clip was all filmed in 2 to 3 hours just by chance cause we saw this cool location when we were headed home.

4 – What is the approach of the remixes and how would you describe them?

I’m fortunate enough to have a good team behind me. I worked with Ruff Loaderz in the UK last year and Laurentius and I meet through the Internet. Everything creatively falls into place when you let your song go where it needs to go.

5 – We read you love remaking classic hits. Which one is your favourite so far?

“Lucky Star” was the re birth of my career but “The Day You Went Away” has so much emotional attachment to it and I absolutely love that song and it was dedicated to mum when she passed away in 2016. Looking back and I remember where I was at feeling completely ready to showcase the world who I really am.

6 – Some years ago, you were featured on Australia’s #1 breakfast radio show, Kyle and Jackie.

Kyle and Jackie O use to do the Hot 30 at night before they did the breakfast show that’s when I was fortunate enough to have co-hosted one of the night shows back when I was signed to Warner music in a pop/R&B duo called ‘Gemini” lol (Just when websites and Internet became mainstream).

rocco bene interview
7 – Do you think this point in your career was a highlight so far?

Now, I’m grateful that I didn’t reach the height of my career when I was with Warner cause I know in my heart I’ll be lucky to enjoy it in the years to come.

8 – Can we see you performing live soon?

I have shows in the works which is aimed in the UK and Europe. I’ll keep you all updated.

rocco bene australia
9 – What projects are you working on at the moment?

Ahhhh wait and see there are several releases scheduled.

10 – And finally, what does the future hold for Rocco Bene?

I feel like it’s now or never to leave my mark in this world. 🙂



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