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Interview | Questions & Answers With Grant Saxena



Interview | Questions & Answers With Grant Saxena
Grant Saxena aka DJ Sax is one of the industry’s most interesting producers who has made a name for himself as a talented artist in recent years. He has topped the Trance charts at different times and has proven people simply love the music he does. If you want to get the inside story directly from him, read the complete interview now!

1 – What’s the best part of producing music?

Being able to create something meaningful from scratch while putting your signature on it. Turning ideas into reality. Being creative is a lot of fun! I feel like there are always new and exciting things to learn and the profession is constantly growing and evolving.

2 – What’s the secret formula to get to the top of the music charts?

Tons of support from friends and fans. A solid PR campaign and a little bit of strategic timing helps.

3 – How do you think Trance music has evolved over the years?

It’s become more robust, vibrant and has a greater depth of sound and tempo. However, the essence and feeling of Trance and the listening experience, I believe, has remained pure over the years.

4 – What can we expect from your upcoming single “XLR8”? Are you a fan of auto racing?

A new style of track with some big sounds. High energy glitchy leads support a chunky electro bassline. My favorite part is the switch tempo breakdown. I’m a fan of race cars and supercars, the accelerating force of Gs on rollercoasters, etc…

5 – What has been your strongest release to date? Why?

“This Could Be” (Original Mix) charted at #1 on Beatport Trance recently this year. This was a huge personal goal achievement and my first worldwide #1 release.

6 – When was the first time you started DJing at Noc Noc? What have you learned from its audience so far?

I DJed at NocNoc back in 2009. The audience demands groovy beats deep into the night and early into the morning hours. It’s important to have the musical ability to transition with the energy of the crowd.

7 – What are your favorite guilty-pleasure songs?

I’ve been throwing in some breaks and bass music oriented tracks at peak times in my sets. It’s a pleasure to start some dancefloor frenzy. 😉

8 – Do you upload your DJ sets or mixtapes on the Internet?

Absolutely! My podcast and all live sets are on Soundcloud.

9 – Where is going to be your next live performance?

I’m spinning a private event this weekend and then a cool white party for Opulent Temple (Burning Man) Fundraiser at The Black Box in Denver, CO June 24, 2017.

10 – At the end of the day, what do you hope is the message of your music?

Trying to spread peace, love, unity, and respect through a shared positive experience.

By Erick Ycaza

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