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Interview | Questions & Answers With SDLT



Interview | Questions & Answers With SDLT
Meet Santino De La Tore aka SDLT, LA-based artist, composer, songwriter, and vocalist whose life revolves around music. To the surprise of many, his songs are regularly heard on both films and TV series. I was really honored to meet him, but I’m also grateful because he let me share with you a piece of his musical career in this exclusive interview.

1 – Why did you relocate from your native Peru to California? Did your music style change over there?

Everything started with a love story. I fell in love with a girl that used to live in Los Angeles. So, I came here to visit her for a couple of months but the passion and the love were very strong that we ended up getting married. We got divorced after a few years and I stayed in the US. My music style changed here in the US, because I was exposed to more music and better musicians. I started to jam with Luis Conte (percussionist of Phil Collins, Madonna, etc.) and the Latin sound called me to create songs in that style, then I had Miles Copeland as a manager and he pushed me to become a better songwriter, and I have many other stories with famous people that add a little bit more to the journey of my identity.

2 – How many albums have you released under the artistic name SDLT? Which one is your favorite?

‘Sliding Roads’ is my first album under the artistic name SDLT. I have composed seven more albums that are done already, but I will release them little by little.

3 – Where did you learn to make music? What instruments do you play?

I learned in Peru with many music teachers and many bands. My main instrument is the voice, but I also play guitar, piano, drums, and bass.

4 – I liked the video for your new single “Every Single Day”. Where was it filmed? What is it about?

It was filmed in my studio in the Hollywood Riviera and in the studio of my friend Tavo Castillo in Lima, Peru. The woman that you see in the video is an actress that represents the story of a typical passionate love and the woman ends up pregnant. She suffers a lot, trying to figure it out and what to do. At the end, the twist is that the baby brings happiness.

5 – What inspired you to write the track “Every Single Day”?

I don’t remember, I composed that song eight years ago with the guitar. The only thing I remember was showing the chorus to my wife and she said “Very nice melody!” After a few years, I produced and last year I created the lyrics with the phonetics of the original melody and I ended up with “Every Single Day.”

6 – Do you prefer working alone or with a team of artists? 

I like to work alone most of the time… it is a form of meditation, a way for me to be in touch with my inner being and a way to explore. Collaborations are awesome as well, but most of the time it is for a specific project.

7 – I’ve heard you have composed music for films and TV. In this category, Do you feel proud about a particular track?

Not really, I feel proud of all my songs. What I feel is very lucky that the doors of the movie industry opened for me.

Interview SDLT
8 – How do you feel about the Billboard award you received for your songwriting talent? 

My wife sent the track to that songwriting contest like she did with so many different things that I achieved. She is the one who was putting me out there in the world. I was never interested in those type of things. But look at me now, thanks to all that I can continue sharing my music with more people and give me credibility as an artist.

9) Do you think Rock music declined in the late 2000’s?

I don’t know, I think the whole country was awful in 2008, I was out of work with panic attacks.

10 – What is the best advice you got from someone in the music industry that you will remember for a lifetime?

I remember Yma Sumac told me “Santino, sing for the Anglo market, they will take you more seriously.” I had many deep conversations with a lot of famous people. But at the end of the day, it’s about the song and who you know.

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