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First Impressions: JENEVIEVE X Teases New Album ‘Digital Dream’



JENEVIEVE X‘s first full-length album is finally here! ‘Digital Dream’ is compromised of 10 new original songs, giving fans worldwide a futuristic experience. Furthermore, it’s no surprise the New York City-based artist is used to release amazing Electro Pop compositions. Especially, when she topped the Top 10 Billboard Dance Club chart list in 2014 with “Move”. First of all, I love the way she sings in a Madonna-esque tone. Clearly, everything feels very natural and radio-friendly on this fresh record produced by the acclaimed Producer, Giuseppe D. The official release date is set for Friday, September 21st. Meanwhile, you can read my first impressions on ‘Digital Dreams’ below.

1 – Digital Dreams (Intro) She reveals the concept for this album from the start. I would dare to theme revolves around modern technology or something that is ahead of our time. This is possible because of electronic music, isn’t it fascinating?

2 – Faded (The Scene) 
Singing with emotion is one of her valuable skills. Listeners can actually feel the impatience and anguish that lyrics narrate on the second track.

3 – So Over You 
At first the musical arrangement is kinda hypnotic, but then you can get ready for some heavy bass drops while singing about giving up on love.    

4 – The Train Highly distorted electronic sounds go hand in hand with the rebellious spirit of this tune, which is nothing more than venturing with the person you most love in a train to do crazy things.

5 – Secret Satellite The title of this track seems to be taken from Sci-fi novel. Here I love the rhythmic drums, which is the element that stands out. A little bit of rockish music gives a different touch to the whole album.   

6 – Mistress In short, JENEVIEVE X will make women feel empowered by this track. As the album progresses, I can already notice some similarities in terms of sound with Eurythmics and Goldfrapp.

7 – Marvelous Seduction (That Day) Basically, 
Her vocals will be hard to interpret while she’s murmuring over the first seconds. Nevertheless, I think it was a creative resource as she’s literally trying to enchant your ears.  

8 – IWYB (I Want Your Body) After listening to it, now I understand why it was chosen as the lead single from ‘Digital Dream’. The temperature starts to rise when she sings so energetically I WANT YOUR BODY…  It’s simply catchy and sexy and the perfect single either for clubs or radio plays.

9 – Talk Too Much Sonically, I think it’s minimal or even monotonous.  Somehow, I feel identified with the lyrics here.

10 – Grenade Despite, the name of the song, there’s nothing explosive about it. On the contrary, it feels very relaxed, perfect to chill to after the rollercoaster of emotions portrayed on the previous numbers. Well, I really liked the laid-back vibes, who doesn’t?

Overall rating a 10/10.



By Erick Ycaza

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.