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The Wait Is Over, Miss Krystle’s ‘Inevitable’ (Deluxe Edition) EP Is Here!



deluxe edition miss krystle
Not so long ago, Miss Krystle premiered the deluxe edition of her ‘Inevitable’ EP. Put your headphones on in order to enjoy all her best songs released over the past months. On this occasion, she is including a recent cover of The Beach Boys’ “God Only Knows”, which sounds more like a magical ballad in contrast to the Psychedelic Rock from the original 60s hit. Moreover, there is no question, everybody’s favorite on this material is the first track, “Inevitable”, adding an EDM bassline over her passionate vocals. In the same way, she continues to tear up dance floors with, “Anything”, infusing heavy beats with a bit of soul of her own. Definitely, in both tracks the buildups are powerful. Explore the rest of these great tunes for yourself down here.

Sincerely, what I like about this artist from Phoenix, Arizona is, of course, her originality and perseverance. If interested, you can learn more about Miss Krystle through this interview we had last March. As a side note, a new music video is coming shortly for her upcoming single “Save Yourself”. Indeed, there’s an open casting, just in case you want to be part of it…



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