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Let's Take A Look At Sedona's Pop Music Video, "In A Dream"

Like many other Sedona‘s songs, there’s an acoustic sounding bliss to please your ears. With crystal clear vocals and relatable lyrics, she showcases her talent on “In A Dream”. Dreaming about a special person you miss so much, and reliving memories is something we all might have experienced. Therefore, I  really hope it will resonate with you. Besides that, the fast-rising singer pours so much emotion in order to convey an intimate story and the feelings involved with it. 

At just 20 years old, she has entertained big audiences in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington, Idaho, and more. On a side note, Sedona divides her time between studying at the University of Washington in Seattle and her music career. In the past, she used to play in the band Train, earning experience and recognition along the way. Today, she demonstrates she is strong enough to continue on her own path, and as a solo artist, I think she shines on her own light. Stay tuned for more…



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