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Living The Life Of A Male Model



male-modelMale models stand out from the crowd, not on their looks, but on their determination. They are constantly pro-actively networking and auditioning. Find a good male modelling agency with the right experience to be there for you to maximise your chances of success. They will associate you with the kind of brands you want. The agencies will help you get the chance to go to the best modelling auditions and give you the advice to get the job.

Your male modelling agency can’t guarantee you work; but a good agent wouldn’t take you on if he or she didn’t think you had a solid chance at finding some great work. Have perseverance. You won’t get a gig with Calvin Klein on your first go-see, despite what you may hear. Stay professional. Whether you’ve made it big or are just starting out, you don’t want to develop a reputation for being ungrateful, rude, or even late. If you want to last in the industry, here are some things you’ll have to do to meet the standards of the profession, just as you would with any other career:

When you show up at an audition be prompt and look fresh. Be courteous and professional to everyone you come in contact with. Consider investing in a personal trainer to help you stay on a balanced diet and to attain exercise goals for optimal muscle tone. Make sure you continue to eat healthy, get exercise, and remind yourself that you’re a worthy person; don’t let the modeling lifestyle get you down. Take a meticulous approach to your grooming and skin care regimen at all times.

Retire for the evenings early on the nights before you have to do a photo shoot. Plenty of sleep will help you avoid dark circles under your eyes and give you a more rested and healthier appearance to those you are working for. Try skin care lotions for men, to invigorate your skin.

If you want to have money for styling products train fairs, and clothes – keep your day job. Though everyone hears the story about the male model who was discovered on a Russian cargo ship or just when he was hanging out at a bar in Vegas at three in the morning, the fact of the matter is that most male models don’t just instantly get discovered and have to keep working hard even after they sign with an agent. This means that unless you are among the very few lucky male models who can solely survive on their male modeling income, you’ll need to keep your day job or find another source of income to keep you going.

If your day job is too much work, just find another source of income that works for you. Many male models are part-time waiters or bartenders and above all, never give up.

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